Family Vacation

Log Entry

Some times that little squib is just what everyone needs in their life. So ChiChi comes up and finds a way to get family out on a cruise. He used my credentials to get it approved, and the next thing I know we are boarding a converted herd ship turned cruise liner.

Chi-Chi gave me a line about how their were imperials on board for us to investigate, I think I wanted to believe it more than I actually did. It became somewhat more clear that ChiChi has other goals when he decided to make a very solid point about sleeping arrangements. The little furry bugger hands me a great cabin to share with…… my brother! When I protested, that little fur-ball looked me in the eyes, stared me down and said; "Are you married!"

I remember mumbling something about no, and Vandin was shown to his quarters and Harold and I to another. Course it was all of about 20 minutes after everyone left that Harold and I had agreements - cause he is awesome like that.

So I call Vandin up and he has a look on his face that lets me know things are going to be less than happy for a while. Vandin is upset that the Herd ship is being used as a cruise liner. These Herd ships are practically sacred to a force user, the vast amount of life on board we can feel it every where we go. I actually feel really great, every time I breath I can feel the force being pulled into my lungs. However, not lost in the moment Vandin is seeing all the people that just are using this place, they don't care… this is just another place for them to use.

But, I see it differently, maybe you can say it is sacrilege…. but what is so great about sacred places that no one sees? No one feels? And these careless unfeeling people….. they are part of that life force, even if they do act poorly and without knowledge of that which they are basking in. But how can I say their hearts are all evil, all selfish… maybe, they spend moments in wonder at it all. Maybe they spend a moment in stillness and even the force can manage to find a way into their senses.

There is likely more failure than success, and I guess in cost analysis, most people will have a vacation in a sacred place and never realize what happened around them. They may never understand the Ithorian reverence for life, the pained efforts of this species to keep these ships filled with life in an otherwise dead life space between. - But what about the people who did know it; on their own for a just a moment

Vandin has given me a couple of looks as to why I am not upset about this place, something I am trying to avoid is the argument…. I think I know is coming. I am not upset cause how are people to feel this, to know how precious life is without the chance to experience it? I am lucky, I am in tune with this, I feel the pulse all the time…… but other people can't feel it. Maybe this place brings them closer, hints at the larger scope they don't see unless they immersed in it.

Log Entry

Sara and Matthias got married.
You heard it, though they looked amazed at it… actually Sara looks a bit pleased and Matthias looks bewildered. It seems Kastor caught them in a moment of passionate…. umm…. agreeing… and married them between, agreements of the moment. While the certificate may be a forgery, who knows, they I guess are left with a pretty bug hunt and choice in front of them - to be together or not. One I am sure I am not likely to know the answers to any time soon. Still seems the furry guy has turned cupid, which may explain some of the funny looks and well….. large amount of alcohol they are providing to us all.

Log Entry.

The Boys took Vandin. Ok, well some of the boys Harold is in his room, I can hear him sleeping. They have been gone for a while, and Kastor seems to have funny response to my inquiries. If I am right they are giving Vandin a more serious version of the talk they had with Arkansas a couple of years ago.

Which makes me wonder….. marriage.
Nothing is more forbidden to those that are Jedi, and I am not Jedi. But even though I hate to admit it, I can see the reason why. A couple of times I have seen Vandin wounded, hurt, the feelings… my impulses… and what I can do all welling inside me. We are fragile creatures, tied to love and our bodies…. and what I could ask the force to do… I could step over the lines - easily.

Can we? Or is it all fated to end in our self destruction?

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