Frequently Asked Questions: Character Advancement

1) Can I spend the starting 5 character points on advancement?
Yes. But as a new character it is recommended to keep some available character points in case you get into a tough spot.
Council Approval Date: 6/3/06

2) How do you learn specializations after character creation?
First, you must know the base skill the specialization is coming from. If the specialization would require special training (ie. most Brawling specializations like Spec Force Martial Arts, Shockboxing, etc.), then you must find a trainer. The trainer may be a Player Character during any event, unless noted otherwise, or Non-Player Character during Seminars and Interactives for most specializations. There are a few exceptions, like Spec Force Martial Arts, that can only be learned by Non-Player Characters and these can have other requirements. Second, if the specialization would not require dedicated training, then the player just needs to have access to any required equipment (ie. specific ship type, or specific weapon, etc.). Once these requirements are met, the player can add the specialization to their skill list at the value of the base skill and begin raising it at half cost rounded up.
Council Approval Date: 6/3/06

3) Can you buy off an armor’s dexterity penalty? If so, how?
Yes. We are using an old rule from first edition that allows a character to spend character points to buy off an armor’s dexterity penalty. The cost is 4 character points per pip (3 base plus 1 for 1D penalty) for a 1D Dexterity penalty and 5 character points per pip (3 base plus 2 for 2D penalty) for 2D down to 1D and so on. Also only one pip of penalty can be bought off per event. This rule customizes that armor for that character. Anyone else putting on the armor would still suffer the Dexterity penalty. This rule is the character training or getting used to the armor, not modification to the armor itself. This modification is listed as a Special Ability for the character by specific armor type.
{For example, Jax has heavy armor with a –2D Dexterity penalty. It would take 6 events and have a cost of 27 character points (5+5+5+4+4+4 = 27) to buy off the penalty completely.}
Council Approval Date: 6/3/06

4) How do you learn languages in Sparks?
We use all of the second edition revised and expanded options listed in the rulebook; 5D in the language specialization (must have 1 pip raised in the specialization) and/or 10 Difficult Language rolls in play means the character is fluent in the language. In Sparks we also use the rule that for every +1D the language skill is above the Knowledge attribute the character can choose a language they were studying as they raised there language skill to be fluent in.
Council Approval Date: 6/3/06

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