Control Difficulty
spaceVE (5) – modified by proximity;
space+5 to +20 to see into the past, +10 to +30 to see into the future
Sense Difficulty
spaceVE (5) – if target is friendly, modified by relationship
spaceTarget’s Control or Perception Roll – if target resists, modified by relationship
Required PowersLife Sense
Time to use – At least one minute
Effect – The user sees the person or place he wishes to see in his mind as the situation currently exists. The power can also be used to see the past or future. The Force-user also sees the immediate surroundings, and so can know, for example, when a friend is in danger, or what has happened to his home planet in his absence.
Farseeing requires calm conditions and at least one minute, but often takes a few minutes. Farseeing cannot be done in the face of danger. The Force-user's visions may not be accurate:

Control Roll > Sense RollspacePast/PresentspaceFuture
0-10space space space space spa50%space spac10%
11-20space space space space sp75%space spac25%
21-30space space space space sp90%space spac50%
31+space space space space spac100%space spa75%

The past and present are set and it’s merely a matter of the Force-user having the correct perceptions. However, the future is always fluid, always in motion, never set until it becomes the present - therefore it is much harder to predict.
When a character farsees into the future, the Gamemaster has to make an honest effort to correctly represent what will happen.
Located – Tales of the Jedi Companion Sourcebook p. 87

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