Fen Miris bel Iblis

Rank: Lieutenant General
Race: Human Homeworld: Corellia
Age: 35 Gender: Male
Height: 1.95m Weight: 128kg Hair: Close-cropped black Eyes: Steel grey

Ships: Nebulon Ranger, a Corellia-StarDrive Coruscant-class Heavy Courier; this 5,000 year old vessel was a wedding gift from Mrrvyn, and is currently being converted to a flying museum

Specialties: Infiltration, stealth, security, intimidation, command, tactics, demolitions, firearms, martial arts, combat instruction.
In the last 10 years Fen has trained numerous members of the Crucible cell in small-unit tactics, intimidation, and demolitions.

Background: Fen is a member of House bel Iblis of Corellia. As such, he has been heavily steeped in the concepts of duty, honor, and tradition. Fen attended a youth military academy on Corellia, followed by a finishing school. At the age of 14 he was sponsored by his great-uncle & accepted to the Imperial Academy on Carida for advanced military training. Graduating with honors at the age of 18, he was assigned to the Imperial Stormtroopers. Over the next 3 years Fen demonstrated that his familial traditions combined with Imperial drilling in a most effective manner, & was assigned to the elite Imperial Storm Commandos. In the following year, Fen committed heinous atrocities (assassinations, kidnappings, arson, bombings, torture, etc.) in the name of "Order". Disgusted with this use of his talents, he leaped at the chance to abandon the Imperial cause when the creator of the Storm Commando Corps - General Crix Madine- defected, taking 2 legions of Storm Commandos with him. Now a deserter & an outlaw, Fen stumbled into contact with the Crucible Sector Rebellion. Seizing the opportunity, Fen swore to use the skills the Empire had honed to see that no other innocents must suffer at its hands, and joined the Rebel Alliance immediately.

In the 13 years since joining, age has done little to mellow Fen's passionate hatred of the Empire or its tactics, but he has grown to realize that feeding that hatred is a VERY BAD THING, not to be repeated. He is noted for being suicidally loyal to his friends; generous to new recruits with his time, talent,s & equipment; a competent battlefield commander; psychotic in personal combat; and determined to see the overthrow of the Empire. Fen is also noted for intentionally taunting & drawing the blaster fire/lightsaber/force lightning/turbolaser blasts of the most dangerous opponent in any combat, in an effort to save the fellow members of his team; this frequently has less than satisfactory results, as the numerous visible scars crossing Fen's face & entire body can attest. Fen seems to have a singular weakness versus stun weapons, getting knocked out on an appallingly regular basis.

Fen has been seen sporting numerous suits of armor - most notably a massively customized suit of Smasher armor & a suit of Storm Commando armor; numerous weapons - most notably a fully silenced & suppressed .50caliber sniper rifle firing depleted-uranium rounds; and more explosives than any same individual wound ever dare carry. Curiously, his most prized possession is not an implement of destruction, but a heavy, planked hematite bracelet worn on his right wrist.

Fen admires the ancient guardians of Galactic peace - the Jedi - and mourns their passing from the galaxy. He was especially torn by Silo Bluestar's loss in combat with a Dark Jedi;

"He was, in some ways, the best among us. His passing diminishes us all; we must not let his noble sacrifice be in vain."

In his own fumbling way, Fen has composed a tribute to the fallen order, a corollary to the Jedi Code (1), suitable for Special Forces members (2):

There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no death, there is the Force.


There is no fear, there is courage.
There is no terrorism, there is tactics.
There is no rage, there is honor.
There is no danger, there is only the whup ass!

The whereabouts of the vast majority of Fen's immediate and extended family are unknown; following an Imperial assassination attempt upon the head of the House bel Iblis, Imperial Senator Garm bel Iblis of Corellia. The Empire's propaganda machine has blamed the Rebel Alliance for this heinous crime, compounding Fen's difficulty in locating & ensuring the safety of his family. In the past six years, he has only successfully located both of his parents, as well as one younger sister & one cousin.

Fen is sociable with his friends, but always a bit reserved, or withdrawn; even when drunk (which happens far less often in the past 2-3 years than previously). Current speculation on this matter includes:
1) that Fen is really just a stuck-up brat of a noble
2) too dumb to realize he's being a jerk
3) too afraid to get close to someone, for they might die & he could be hurt
4) too self-absorbed to notice that others might actually care about him
5) secretly addicted to spice or other drugs, impairing his ability to function socially
6) still lugging around mental conditioning from when he was trained & controlled by the Empire
7) been hit in the head too damn many times
8) been stunned too damn many times
9) been dragged into hyperspace by a Warp Hunter too damn many times
10) is really a deep-cover Imperial operative
11) fights like a little girl (from a jerk of a Barabel)
12) insert your suggestions here!

This last situation has drastically changed recently, presumably for the better. Fen is now usually seen sporting a whimsical smile. He is now outgoing, and willing to converse on any matter; including the horrors he committed while in service to the Empire, a matter he never previously discussed. Fen loudly & repeatedly attributes his change in demeanor to his sudden & intense romance of Lyta Miris, which culminated in his marriage proposal to her after only a few weeks. His complete & utter devotion to Lyta is so obvious, that while their close friends are genuinely happy for the newly-wed couple, it scares them. They realize that if any harm came to Lyta, no force in the galaxy could stop Fen from freeing her or avenging her loss.
As a side effect, Fen has had his numerous facial scars surgically removed, as well as a single prominent one on each forearm. He is also now somewhat more cautious when engaging in battle, although he still always leads from the front.

Known close -living- associates (in no particular order):
Major General Lyta 'Crash and Burn' Miris: exceptional pilot & wife
Brigadier General Daryn Startrotter: would-be Jedi Knight & long-time best friend
Lieutenant General Harold Ascott: technician extraordinaire & perpetual superior officer/battlefield protectee
Lieutenant General Taylor Castel: technician extraordinaire & voice of female insight
Brigadier General 'Stinky' the Jawa: demolitions technician & confidant
Colonel Myrrrad: droid technician & confidant
Brigadier General Arkansas Dave Rudebaugh: lightsaber-wielding cowboy & source of down-home wisdom
Colonel Jericho Hunter: fellow SpecForce Infiltrator & likewise former Storm Commando
1st Lieutenant Uneeq: morale officer & perpetual voice of optimism
Brigadier General Fred Slick: gun bunny & sparring partner
Mrrvyn: freelance Rebel associate & kindred spirit
Sergeant-Major Dak Antares: gun bunny & protege

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