Fen's Response To Sara


You are most welcome. Lyta and I enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Regarding Mr. Darius Wade's antics and your response to it…
Impersonating another person's immediate family without their consent is inappropriate and unacceptable. You were far more gracious than I would have been.
It also seems that you have some unresolved issues regarding your father. While I would not presume to be an even vaguely appropriate substitute, I am willing to listen to whatever you are willing to share. In my decades of warfare, I have observered and experienced that merely talking about one's problems can help immensely. My office door is always open, feel free to stop in.
If not, I humbly suggest that you do seek another to confide in. I will leave that choice up to you, and I will not mention this matter again unless you ask me to do so.

Respectfully yours,
Major-General Fen bel Iblis, Crucible Sector Special Forces, Fifth Regiment

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