Ferix Banock

+++Open: Rebel Alliance Special Forces personal file: Operative Ferix Banock+++
Regiment: 5th (Infiltrators)
Sector: Crucible
Rank: Sergeant

Race: Human
Homeworld: Coruscant
Age: 26 Standard years
Height: 1.8
Weight: 72 kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

+++Known background through Imperial records, SpecForce investigation, and subject interview+++
Operative 25483-A-4813-48264 was born and grew up in the Undercity of Coruscant 26 Standard years ago. His father, Nanclus Banock, was a member of the Belnoska gang. They led tough lives and ran many rackets while fighting with other gangs and the Imperial troopers. Ferix Banock looked up to his father and other relations with awe and respect. The Belnoska's tattoos of accomplishments and deeds stitched across their bodies and the respect the neighborhood gave them put determination in Ferix' eyes to grow and join them. His mother, Lucita Banock, tried to keep her son away from this lifestyle, but his love for his father was too strong. He entered the life of the Belnoska at 15 Standard years and earned his first tattoo. Over the next 7 years he grew to adulthood and position in the Belnoska. HIs tattoos grew and his arms and upper body continues to gain colour. The culture of the families also gave him markings to show family accompishments. When he became an uncle, he gained another mark, for example.

All this changed when he was 22 Standard years old. The Empire decided it was time to start cracking down on some of the Undercity gangs. They attacked without mercy and destroyed several homes and businesses that had Banocks's family living and operating there. Fleeing, he began to go home on that day, but realized too late that he was being tracked. He was leading the Imperials right where they wanted. He changed course, but too late, as he saw Stormtroopers burst their way into the Banock home. Ferix Banock fled from Coruscant.

Within 6 months he had joined the Rebellion and was placed into SpecForce training after completing basic trooper training. His previous life, focused rage upon the Imperials (see Psych evaluation 92508463-3498—484631), and nearly unforgettable appearance marked him as a potential Infiltrator. Banock found he enjoyed the work and takes secret pride in his talents. Upon graduation of SpecForce specialized training, he has been turned out to be placed on missions as the Rebel leaders merit. Perhaps, in time, his skills will be noticed by General Madine…

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