Fight In Space Over Shiva Death Of A Jedi

Another long overdue report.

Hasty plans, bad intel and assumptions lead to our worst defeat ever. I am amazed that more in our ranks did not fall. Alderaan had just been destroyed by what some of us knew to be the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the Death Star. And it was on its way to Yavin. And it was assumed that a large portion of the Imperial fleet would converge on that point as backup. We were wrong.

Thinking that the Imperial presence in the space around Shiva would be minimal, we went. What the precise mission on the ground was to be, I don’t know. I missed the briefing due to meeting with Sillo Bluestar who was on board a different ship then were our ships were launching. Little did I know that this would be the last time I would be with him.

When I finally got out into space, there were more enemy ships than expected. And then more arrived including not only an Interdictor but a full Force Hunter team. Most of our ships went to try to take out the Interdictor. While that ship was fully functional, none of us would be able to jump to hyperspace. But Taylor Castel’s and my ship both lack the type of weapons that can assist in damaging an Interdictor’s gravity generators. And we both noticed where the Hunter team’s ships were headed, the very ship Sillo was on. He was using the Force to aid the pilots and gunners and the Hunters had noticed.

We chose to go over to that ship as it looked to have lost power to its engines. Concerned for the crew, we went to investigate. Through the main bridge window, we saw a sight I will not soon forget. Wielding twin silver lightsabers, the Jedi Battlemaster Sillo Bluestar had engaged the Hunter in a combat which looked to be somewhat lopsided. The Imperial Dark Jedi was taking a terrible beating and just when it looked as if the battle should have been over, Sillo simply held up his lightsabers and did not strike the final blow. Instead this left an opening for the Dark Jedi to slice through Sillo. But his body was not cleaved in two; there was no body. His robes drifted to the ground and the Dark Jedi force traveled away.

Numb from what I witnessed, my mind must have gone onto autopilot. The Interdictor must have been dealt with as we were all given the signal to jump. There were a lot of damaged ships and some did not meet up at the rendezvous point, namely “Discovery”.

(Report submitted by Stinky-a Jawa (Jawa))

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