First Aid

Time Taken: One combat round.
Specializations: Species of patient — humans, Ewoks, Wookiees.

First aid reflects a character's ability to perform emergency life saving procedures in the field.

It functions as follows:

A standard medpac contains a combination of healing medicines, syntheflesh, coagulants, body chemistry boosters, adrenaline drugs, and computer diagnostic hardware to treat seriously injured individuals. Medpacs are very common around the galaxy and can be found aboard most starships, in most buildings and homes … and anyone who thinks he might get into a battle is advised to carry a couple, too.

A first aid (or Technical) roll is needed to use a medpac. The difficulty depends upon the severity of the patient's injury:

Degree of Injury space spaceDifficulty
Stunned, Unconsciousspace spaVery Easy
Wounded, Wounded TwicespaceEasy
Incapacitatedspace space spacModerate
Mortally Woundedspace space sDifficult

If the first aid roll is successful, the patient heals one level: stunned and wounded characters are fully healed; unconscious characters are revived; wounded twice characters improve to wounded; incapacitated characters improve to wounded twice; mortally wounded characters improve to incapacitated.
If the first aid roll is unsuccessful, the character's condition remains the same. If the first aid roll misses the difficulty by more than 10 points, the medpac has pushed the injured character's body to its limit, and no more medpacs can be used on him for a full standard day (24 hour period).

Mulitple medpacs can be used on a character within a single day, but increase the first aid difficulty one level for each additional use.

Example: Thannik has been wounded twice. The first time a medpac is used on him, the first aid difficulty is Easy. If a second medpac is used on him in the same day, the first aid difficulty increases to Moderate.

A medpac is fully expended when it's used — someone who expects to heal several people must carry multiple medpacs.
A character can use a medpac on himself, but he suffers an extra -1D penalty (in addition to any other penalties, such as for being injured).

Example: Thannik having been wounded twice (-2D to all actions) wants to use a medpac to heal himself (that's an additional -1D penalty, for a total penalty of -3D). Unfortunately his Technical is only 2D — he can't use the medpac on himself.

Bacta Tanks
Bacta is a specially formulated treatment liquid which promotes rapid healing and acts as a disinfectant. The attending physician can use the bacta tank's computers to add skin-contact medicines to the bacta fluid, inject medicines into the patient's bloodstream, or dispense medicines orally. Characters must have the (A) Medicine skill to use a bacta tank. On most planets, only licensed doctors can administer bacta treatments.
A Very Easy (A) Medicine skill is necessary to use a bacta tank — regardless of the wound level. If the roll is made, the character will heal — it's just a matter of time.
A character attempting to use a bacta tank without the (A) Medicine skill must make a Heroic first aid or Technical roll. If the roll fails, the patient's injury worsens two levels. (Wounded patients worsen to incapacitated; wounded twice patients worsen to mortally wounded; an incapacitated or mortally wounded patient is killed.)
The character's healing time depends on the severity of his injuries.

Character is:space spaceTreatment Time:
Woundedspace space space1D hours
Incapacitatedspace space s4D hours
Mortally woundedspace spac1D days

Example: Thannik has been mortally wounded, but his friends quickly get him to a bacta tank. The doctor needs to make a Very Easy (A) Medicine roll and succeeds. The gamemaster rolls 1D and gets a four. Four days later, Thannik emerges from the bacta tank fully healed.

There are many different medicines in the galaxy, ranging from mass-produced Pharmaceuticals to "local cures" known only on remote planets.
Each medicine has different game effects. Some may add a bonus to a character's first aid or (A) Medicine skill; others may allow a patient to heal faster; still others may only affect certain injuries or diseases and provide no help for others. You can create new medicines (and describe their game terms) as needed for your games.

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