Flash And Bang

Once again I have been officially sent to blow things up. I was hoping it would be an entire town, but no…too many innocent lives at stake.

Although….perhaps one of these days I could rig a job big enought to take out the power to a city. I am sure that might come in handy some time.

Anyways, it was great that I could finally introduce Squibbie to Sara, though he needs to keep his paws to himself on that one. We rigged a lot of explosives around the place and underneath in a few instances. Choth of course did the quiet work that needed to be done.

Come time to detonate everything Squibbie and Sara were with me on a secure rooftop overlooking the chaos to come. We had some champagne and watched our beautiful handy work, as well as a surprising fireworks show form a USO show we adapted into our plans. I must think about making my booms a bit more artistic and flashy in the future.

I was a bit disturbed by the impact of some of my hany work. It has been coming to my recent attention that sometimes things go a little too well, and while it was cool and I take full credit, it also incited a riot in the streets and a bunch of imps were totally beaten the shit out of. I must admit after finding myself with imperials for comrades not long ago I feel pretty guilty about the riots. I mean, I know it is my job to do what I do and I am lucky enought o take pleasure in it as well, but if I hadn't gotten booted from Imp Academy that could have been me out there on the streets.

More disturbingly…well, I won't mention it just yet. It's that disturbing to me.


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