Force Barrier

Force Barrier
Control Difficulty
spaceE (10) – activation
Alter Difficulty
spaceVE (5) – for a 2-meter diameter sphere
space+1 for each added meter
Power may be kept ‘up’
Effect – This power enables the Force-user to create a barrier of energy constructed from the Force. The barrier’s strength rating is the Force-user’s Control roll over and above the activation difficulty (Control roll – 10). The barrier will deflect any physical or energy object that hits it (reduce the damage of the attack by the barrier’s strength rating). People or objects that come into physical contact with the barrier may attempt to ‘push’ through. This requires a continuing strength test (add Strength rolls for successive rounds) until the strength total overcomes the barrier’s strength rating. The dimensions of the barrier are fixed. It will try to make a perfect sphere centered on the Force-user and will move with the Force-user. However the boundaries of the barrier will stop when they contact an existing solid object. For example, standing in an open field the barrier will be a hemisphere around the Force-user but does not penetrate the ground. If the Force-user were in mid-air, then the barrier would be a complete sphere. The barrier requires a great deal of concentration to maintain. As such, only passive actions (walking, talking, etc.) can be done while concentrating on keeping the power ‘up’. Also due to the ebb and flow of the Force the barrier’s strength rating must be rerolled by the Force-user every additional round the barrier is kept ‘up’. The Control roll on the second and additional rounds gets a –2D for keeping up a Control and Alter power. If the roll does not beat the Easy (10) difficulty, the power drops. The Force-user will lose concentration on the barrier if they are hit by anything, whether it actually causes damage to them or not (other powers may be kept ‘up’ until actually damaged). Once the barrier is down (either voluntarily or not) the Force-user must wait a number of rounds equal to how long they initially kept the barrier ‘up’ for before they can attempt to reactivate the barrier. This is due to the strain and fatigue of concentrating on the barrier.
Located – Sparks campaign – Sparks #24: Stormgod

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