Force Deterrence

Skills / Knowledge Skills

Time Taken: Normally a reaction.
Specializations: None.
Advanced skill — requires Willpower skill at least 5D.

Unlike other advanced skills it is used ONLY for resisting Force powers and does NOT add to basic Willpower rolls unless the Willpower roll itself is used to resist Force powers. ‘Force Deterrence’ is used to resist Force powers of a mental nature that allow resistance with Control or Perception rolls (Affect Mind, Control Mind, Dim Other’s Senses, Farseeing, Illusion, Memory Wipe, Mind Rape, Projective Telepathy, Receptive Telepathy, and Sense Force Potential).

This power does not help with Force powers manifesting a physical effect (Force Lightning, Force Push, Inflict Pain, Injure/Kill, Telekinesis, and Telekinetic Kill).

Special Notes:

  • Keep in mind that the Force power ‘Force of Will’ uses Willpower to boost the protection number. With ‘Force Deterrence’ the target would make a Willpower plus Force Deterrence roll for the protection number.
  • There is a specialization under Willpower called ‘Force Resistance’ and this is only used on Force powers that allow Willpower rolls for resistance already.
  • It will take the standard 2 sessions (2 Seminars or 1 Interactive) to learn and will cost 7,000 credits like any other advanced skill. In addition the player must schedule a personal initiative (PI) for the first session to find a trainer. This is because the trainer must have specialized knowledge or use of the Force.
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