Force Light

Force Light
Alter Difficulty
spaceVE (5) – base difficulty
Required PowersForce Harmony, Life Detection, Life Sense, Projective Telepathy, Receptive Telepathy
Effect – This power allows a Force-user to channel the Force into blasts of light that can destroy Dark Side spirits, as well as cleanse the taint of Dark Side locations. This Light Side energy emanates out to ten meters from the power’s user, affecting all Dark Side, creatures, spirits, or sites within that area. When Activated, the player rolls his Alter score and checks his success on the following table:

Force-user’s Skill RollspaceCharacter/spaceDark SidespaceDark Side
Exceeds Difficulty ByspaceCreaturespace spSpiritspace spaceSite

0-10space space space spaEasyspace space2D+2space sNo effect
11-20space space space spModeratespace s5Dspace spaNo Effect
21-35space space space spDifficultspace spa7D+2spacesNo Effect
36+space space space spacVery Difficultspac10Dspace sReduce Site’s Power

In the case of Dark Side Characters/Creatures, those within the effective range of the power must make a Willpower check with the indicated difficulty or flee the area. If the target is a Dark Side spirit, the damage listed is inflicted upon them. If the target is a Dark Side site, its power is reduced.
Located – Online adaptation of D20 system Force powers approved by SF7 Council

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