Force Lightning

Force Lightning
Control Difficulty
spaceD (20) – modified by proximity; must be in line of sight
Alter Difficulty
spaceTarget’s Control or Perception Roll
Warning – User automatically gains a Dark Side point.
Required PowersAbsorb/Dissipate Energy, Injure Kill, Inflict Pain
Effect – The damage is equal to the Alter power of the Jedi after any multi-action penalties. This attack cannot be parried or dodged. The only hope is to roll higher with the Control or Perception roll. Also a Jedi with a Lightsaber may block Force Lightning by making a higher Control roll total. This power can also be dissipated with Absorb/Dissipate Energy. Armor is useless against Force Lightning. If this power stuns, wounds or causes any other injury to the character, they are also convulsed with pain, which causes them to perform no actions for the rest of that round and the next.
Located – Dark Force Rising p. 36

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