Force Powers

Force Powers in the Sparks Campaign

Control: Sense: Alter: Control and Alter: Sense and Alter:
Absorb/Dissipate Energy Beast Languages Bolt of Hatred * Accelerate Another’s Healing Dim Other’s Senses
Accelerated Healing Combat Sense Force Light Aura of Uneasiness * Force Travel
Burst of Speed Danger Sense Force Push Control Another’s Disease Force Wind *
Concentration Instinctive Astrogation Injure/Kill Control Another’s Pain Lesser Force Shield
Contort/Escape Life Detection Strengthen Object Control Breathing Control, Sense and Alter:
Control Disease Life Sense Taint Detoxify Poison in Another Affect Mind
Control Pain Life Web Telekinesis Drain Energy Anti-Time/Space Displacement Field **
Detoxify Poison Magnify Senses Feed on the Dark Side Battle Meditation
Emptiness Postcognition Force Barrier ** Control Mind
Enhance Attribute Predict Natural Disasters Force Lightning Create Force Storms
Force of Will Receptive Telepathy Force Weapon Create Force Wraith
Hibernation Trance Sense Force Inflict Pain Doppleganger
Instinctive Astrogation Control Sense Force Potential Control and Sense: Place Another in Hibernation Trance Drain Life Energy *
Rage Sense Path Battle Meld Plant Surge Enhanced Coordination
Reduce Injury Sense Surroundings Cryshok Combat ** Remove Another’s Fatigue Force Harmony
Remain Conscious Shift Senses Farseeing Return Another of Consciousness Illusion
Remove Fatigue Translation Life Bond Transfer Force Memory Wipe *
Resist Stun Weather Sense Lightsaber Combat Waves of Darkness * Projected Fighting
Short-Term Memory Enhancement Projective Telepathy Telekinetic Kill
Transfer Life
Special: Modifiers:
Force Scream Proximity

*Sith Powers
**Sparks Campaign Specific Force Powers

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