Force Push

Force Push
Alter Difficulty
spaceTarget’s Control or Strength Roll – modified by proximity
Required PowersConcentration, Telekinesis
Effect – With this power, a Force-User may use the Force to push up to four adjacent targets backwards, possibly knocking them prone. Each target past the first incurs a – 1D penalty on the Force-User using the power (i.e., 1 target, no penalty; 2 targets, - 1D penalty; 3 targets, - 2D penalty; 4 targets, - 3D penalty). Each target makes either a Control or Strength roll to resist, and the acting Force-User’s Alter roll result is compared to each result in turn to determine the effects. A target that is knocked back into a wall or other solid object takes 2D stun damage that cannot be increased. If the user intends harm (i.e. Force Push off of a cliff or in front of moving vehicle) then they would get a Dark Side point for the use of this power.

Force-user’s Skill Roll
Exceeds Difficulty ByspaceEffect
0-5space space space spaTarget(s) pushed back 1 meter, make Easy Dexterity roll or fall
6-10space space space spTarget(s) pushed back 2 meters, make Moderate Dexterity roll or fall
11-15space space space sTarget(s) pushed back 3 meters, make Difficult Dexterity roll or fall
16-20space space space sTarget(s) pushed back 4 meters, make Very Difficult Dexterity roll or fall
21+space space space spaTarget(s) pushed back 5 meters, make Heroic Dexterity roll or fall

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