Force Traditions

Cryshok Brotherhood

The Brotherhood is a bizarre offshoot of the early Jedi Knights. They were founded by a young Jedi named Cryshok, who disliked the use of weapons. He developed his own fighting style that used only the Force and his own skill at unarmed combat. He was able to develop this ability to the point where he could actually catch a lightsaber “blade” in his hands.

However, the fight between the Dark and the Light raged within him, until in a moment of bizarre enlightenment, he realized that they were perfectly at balance. He began to seek a way to perfect this balance. For every good deed he performed, he also did a service to the Dark Side, always striving to maintain his perfect balance.

He died centuries ago, but not without gathering together a band of like-minded people sensitive to the Force. Since his home was on Dumas IV, he brought his followers there, and they built their monastery. They maintained a level of secrecy, however, and soon vanished into the mists of time forgotten by all but a few. Even the Emperor himself knows of them only as an obscure legend, one he has no time or patience to investigate at present.

Their numbers are small – many either cannot bring themselves to perform the acts of “evil” required to maintain balance, or else they become fully corrupted by the Dark Side. Those who fall are hunted down mercilessly by their brothers, whether they fell to the light or the dark, as there can be no greater “sin” to a follower of Cryshok than to go out of balance.

Father Cradon is the current head of the Cryshok Brotherhood.

Requirements to Join the Brotherhood:

  • The PC must have at least 3 Dark Side points.
  • The PC must have the same number of Force points as Dark Side points.
  • The PC must petition to join the Order, or be sought out by a Brother due to like-minded interests.
  • The PC must be Force-sensitive

Effects of Force Points and Dark Side Points on Cryshok Brothers:

1) Members of the Cryshok Brotherhood still gain Force points and Dark Side points like any other character, but they react differently to how many of each they have due to their unique view of balance in the Force. Where a normal character can have as many Force points as possible and must check to see if they Turn to the Dark Side for every Dark Side point they gain, this is not the same for Cryshok Brothers. The Brotherhood strives for balance between the Dark and the Light. So the total number of Force or Dark Side points is irrelevant. What is important is the difference between these numbers. They must roll 1D6 every time the number between Force points and Dark Side points is different. If the roll is less than the difference, the Cryshok Brotherhood will expel them from the order. Now that may seem like it isn’t too bad of a punishment, but if the character was sitting on several Dark Side points at the time of expulsion they would then have to roll to see if they Turn to the Dark Side like a normal character.

I.E. Brother Abe has 5 Force points and 5 Dark Side points. This is okay because he is in balance. If he were to gain 1 Force point, he would still be okay because you cannot roll below a 1 on a 1D6 roll. But if he gained another Force point, he would have to roll a 1D6 and get a 2 or higher (7 FP – 5 DSP = 2). By the same token if he gained two Dark Side points he would have the same problem (7 DSP – 5 FP = 2). If in either one of these cases he rolled a 1, then he would be expelled from the order and would be subject to normal Dark Side point rules (roll 1D6 and do not roll below the number of Dark Side points).

2) Cryshok Brothers are still subject to the tainted action rule (Sparks Judges Handbook section IV #5), but only if the number of Dark Side points is greater than the number of Force points. Basically they would get +1D on every Force skill used for every Dark Side point above the number of Force points and the action is considered tainted. To avoid this they can focus their action which increases the difficulty one level.

3) Cryshok Brotherhood characters need to be warned if they are to gain a Force point or a Dark Side point for any action they do. They can then reevaluate the action if necessary.

Other benefits of joining the Cryshok Brotherhood:

The Jedi Order

Long ago, those who studied and practiced manipulating the Force gathered together to establish the Jedi Knights, an order dedicated to protecting the galaxy from evil. The Jedi helped bring order and strength to a galaxy plagued far too long by conflict and fear.

With the events of Sparks #13: Conference at Paragon, the Jedi hunt began. The Jedi Order went from being open and prevalent in the galaxy to being a hidden society always on the run. With this change it has become more difficult for a Padawan or potential new member from finding a Jedi willing to take them on as a student. If events continue as they are, the Jedi Order may become extinct.

Requirements to Join the Jedi Order:

  • The PC must be Force-sensitive.
  • The PC must strive to follow the Jedi Code.
  • The PC must begin as a Padawan (with or without a dedicated master) and when able they can take the Jedi trials and become a Jedi Knight.

The Jedi Code:
One of the first things that a Jedi must learn is the Jedi code; this philosophy lays the groundwork for the mastery of the use of the Force.

There is no emotion; there is peace.
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no passion; there is serenity.
There is no death; there is the Force.

There are two levels of advancement beyond Padawan in the Jedi Order. They are Jedi Knight and then Jedi Master.

The Way of the Tyia

The Tyia is an example of an alternate way of knowing the Force. Tyia teaches that individual introspection is the way to learn the true way of the universe. Students are taught to control their own personal Force (called “Tyia”) through meditation and ceremony. Because of the unique way in which the Tyia studies the Force, there are some special rules regarding its use:

  • A Tyia student learning Control at 1D automatically learns Hibernation Trance and Emptiness (which is Easy difficulty for Tyia). The character learns an additional three control powers.
  • All Alter powers have their difficulty increased by one level.
  • All powers have a minimum time to use of one minute.

Requirements to Join the Way of the Tyia:

  • The PC must be Force-sensitive.
  • The PC must find a Tyia teacher to train them.
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