Fred Slick

Name: Fred Slick
AKA: Freddie Prinz (Bodyguard), Bob the Bounty Hunter, Sam Spade
Player: John McCash
Race: Human
Planet of Origin: Born in Space
Occupation: Shooting People and Surviving. Fred also has a non-paying side-job as an Evangelist and Spokesbeing for Harold Ascot Arms & Equipment HA-Special(TM) product lines.

Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: 87 kg
Gender: Male
Description: Tall, Dark, & Menacing
Age: 48
Template: Cyborg Pirate

"You make a lousy wall. You’ll make a better Blaster Port."

Fred is something of a conundrum. While he’s quite vocal about his support for the Rebellion and all of it’s myriad goals, in particular the destruction of Dark Jedi, his fatalistic attitude makes one wonder about the source of such commitment. Seeing this mans implacable approach to combat against insurmountable odds puts one in mind of the proverbial unstoppable force approaching the immovable object. He’s been known to respond to credible death threats with a cold chuckle, and the words, “Been there. Done that.” One day he’ll oppose something he really can’t beat, most likely in defense of a team member, and then another epic of the Rebellion will be written…

As stated before, Fred is fatalistic, yet implacable. Concerns for his personal welfare seem to take a distant second place to the current mission goals. You’d think he was already beaten and dead if he didn’t keep winning. He only seems to get emotionally involved when facing dark jedi in combat. Even then, it’s usually only a cold, distant light at the backs of his eyes, and the feeling that somewhere behind them someone just put a cheater on the vise handle, and leaned on it hard.

Fred’s armor varies according to the occasion. He has suits for everything from a nightclub, to a business meeting, to a formal dinner party, to hard vacuum, to a firefight against an armored division. The latter is a suit of hound armor liberated from the Aceam, worn over a barabel microbe vest (the Hound armor is modified to allow this) and a modified combat jumpsuit. The jumpsuit, while providing truly amazing protection, has been known to have its enhanced fibers depolarize at the most inopportune times… When he’s minded to be subtle, he carries an HA Special heavy blast pistol in a tailored shoulder holster under his jacket. When not, he makes a statement by carrying a heavily modified HA Special medium repeater. This massive weapon actually employs a backpack microfusion reactor to supply its monstrous power demands. The device has extra cooling vents and three large red toggles under springloaded safety covers on the stock. When fired at full overload, this gun packs the punch of a medium-sized starship cannon, and has been seen to obliterate an imperial APC with a single shot. As often as not, however, when it’s abused in this fashion, the overloaded enhancement components simply fuse themselves. Fortunately for him, a specially engineered bypass circuit allows the main part of the gun to continue functioning until it is repaired.

Known associates:
Harold Ascot, Slik, Fen & Lyta Bel Iblis, Zordin, Jynxie, Mathias Cardones, M’Rath (deceased).

Skills of note:
Fred is the best man with a blaster in the entire galaxy. He’s yet to meet someone he couldn’t outshoot. He’s also very very good with starship weaponry, and has catlike reflexes that often allow him to emerge unscathed from a storm of blaster fire. While not quite up to the standards of Tiktik or Slik, he’s also an unarmed combatant of note, having completed significant followon to a course of study at the Rebel Special Forces Training Center. Fred’s also a licensed bounty hunter and member of the guild in good standing, though he mostly just uses this status to bypass planetary weapons restrictions.

Game history:
Fred is currently a Lieutenant General in rebellion special forces. His history holds events such as -

* Lost his left am in a Space accident as a young man, and wore a cybernetic replacement for years. Since joining the rebellion, he’s done better financially, and is no longer so disfigured.
* Fred is currently Owner/Operator of the light freighter Bun-Bun, a modified YT-2400. The Bun-Bun sports animated holographic nose art showing a small furry animal (brown & white mini-lop) wielding a red lightsaber, and wearing a portable missile launcher slung over its back. Saber and bunny eyes glow red and follow moving viewer. The caption reads, "Time to die!". Figure in mural periodically deactivates lightsaber and aims missile launcher at viewer.

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