Frequently Asked Rules


Character Creation:

1) Can I select a different template than one provided in the Character Pack for creating my character?
No. The Character Pack is updated periodically to reflect the nature of the ongoing campaign. Some old templates are no longer available, due to changes within the campaign. And new templates are being reviewed all of the time to be added as appropriate. We usually change out one or two templates each year. We do try to keep a good mix of templates with a variety of attributes values.
Council Approval Date: 6/3/06

2) Can I alter the template attribute dice values?
No. The attribute dice are fixed for the templates during character creation. You can raise attributes later with character points.
Council Approval Date: 6/3/06

3) Can I change the alien race of the template?
Yes. There is a list of allowable alien races available in the Sparks Judges Handbook. The change will cost from 0 to 3 pips (“+1”) from your initial starting 7D depending on the special abilities of the chosen alien race. If the starting template is an alien, you can still change the race by paying the pip cost listed in the handbook. If you are going from a high pip cost alien to a lower pip cost alien, you still must pay the listed pip cost for the preferred alien (changing to Human is free). The new alien race must fit the minimum and maximum attribute values of the chosen template.
Council Approval Date: 6/3/06

4) Why are there aliens on the Allowable Alien Races list that cannot fit any of the Character Pack templates due to racial minimum and/or maximum values that don’t fit the template attribute values?
As stated in the answer to question number one, the templates in the character pack are changed from time to time. An alien race may not fit any current templates, but may fit one down the line.
Council Approval Date: 6/3/06

5) If I specialize in a skill, can the bonus +1D go above the 2D maximum added to each skill?
Yes. The base skill can be raised by +2D, then spending 1 pip “+1” the specialization can go up another +1D.
Council Approval Date: 6/3/06

6) Can I make changes to my character if I don’t like the way that I created it?
Yes. Changes can be made to the character up until the completion of their fourth module played. They can change templates, alien race, the initial 7D expenditure, Force sensitivity (if the template allows), and even their character points spent for updates. The player must contact a judge and mark the changes on an update sheet.
Council Approval Date: 6/3/06

7) If I had a previous character that died or was retired, what sheet number does my new character start as?
The new character’s sheet number is one half of the previous character’s completed sheets rounded down. {Character X has completed 7 full sheets and retires. Their new character would be sheet 3 for purposes of tiering.}
Council Approval Date: 6/3/06

8) Does my character have to be a Rebel?
No. Characters do not have to be official Rebels, but they must be affiliated with the Rebel cause. The characters are considered independent volunteers working with the Rebels to aid their cause. Characters can take it one step further and ‘join-up’ with the Rebel Alliance at any time (notify your gamemaster). All characters must abide by the Rebel Alliance charter to maintain their affiliation. Characters that do ‘join-up’ will advance in rank within the Rebel Alliance and this affords them some benefits such as additional pay and command responsibilities.
Council Approval Date: 6/3/06

9) Can I add any of my starting 7D at character creation to Control, Sense or Alter?
Yes, but only to any Force Skill that started on the template. You cannot add a Force skill at character creation. And it is still limited to a maximum of 2D to be added to the Force skill.
Council Approval Date: 7/30/06

10) Can I add new skills to the template at character creation?
No. Skills can be added after character creation for dead or retired characters (see Death or Retirement rules). Otherwise skills must be learned from PCs or NPCs in game. This excludes specializations. Specializations can be added to the template at character creation provided no special training is required (i.e. martial art styles with techniques, etc.).
Council Approval Date: 7/30/06

11) Can you modify a starting character after the first event even if you started the new character as part of the Death/Retirement package?
No. This feature is to allow new players to the system a chance to make changes after they learn a little about the system, so they are not rushed into something they will not enjoy. When a character dies or retires, the player is familiar with the system and does not need this period of adjustment.
Council Approval Date: 7/26/08

12) When you are upgrading a character using the character points from the Death/Retirement feature after creating a new character and raising one or more attributes, how many modules do you have to wait to raise another attribute?
The first update lists the bonus character points earned and spent from the Death/Retirement feature, so then you must wait nine more updates (10 total) before raising another attribute. If you did not raise any attributes with the bonus character points, you can raise an attribute at any time and then every ten modules.
Council Approval Date: 7/26/08

13) Can a character use the starting credits or bonus credits (if any chosen) from character Death or Retirement to have modifications made to their starting ship, droids, and/or other equipment?
Yes. One modification attempt may be made per item for each sheet of the new character. The cost of such modifications is double the normal cost if done by anyone other than the player. If the player chooses to make the modifications themselves apply the normal cost, and all failures count towards the number of attempts made by the player. Note that this does not allow new characters of sheet 1 to make any modifications to their gear.
Council Approval Date: 2/28/10

14) Can a character use starting or bonus character points and/or skill advancements from character Death or Retirement to learn Force Skills (Control, Sense, Alter)?
No. Force Skills such as Control, Sense, and Alter can be raised, but not added to the character. These Force Skills are treated like advanced skills and cannot be learned as expanded skills utilizing bonus character points from character Death or Retirement.
Council Approval Date: 9/12/09

15) Can a character use starting or bonus character points and/or skill advancements from character Death or Retirement to learn Force powers (telekinesis, etc.)?
Yes. After standard character creation is completed (initial 7D expended), for each two full sheets of the previous character you gain 1 training slot. The training slot can be used to learn one standard skill or one Force power (you must still have the needed prerequisites for the power).
Council Approval Date: 12/31/09

16) Can a character use starting or bonus character points from character Death or Retirement to buy off armor Dexterity penalties?
Yes. Mark these character point expenditures either as part of the Death and Retirement spending update or on the character’s first update sheet. Use the rules as outlined below under Character Advancement FAQ #3.
Council Approval Date: 7/12/10

17) In the Judges Handbook it states that changing the race to Human is free (no pip cost), but on the ‘Alien’ (Alien Force User, Alien Medic) templates the Human is listed as costing 1 pip. Is this correct?
Yes. The Alien templates are there to give the player several options of playing something other than Human at a discounted cost. If the player really wants to play a non-alien, then they can, but it comes with an associated cost of 1 pip (not discounted). For all templates that are not set up to choose from a list of available aliens as an ‘Alien’ template, the cost to change to Human is still free as long as the Human meets the racial attribute restrictions.
Council Approval Date: 10/16/11

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