Friends Come And Visit In My Time Of Need

Well today started out as a terrible day. We returned to the Discovery from Ord Mantel with the knowledge that Corbin is locked away in a prison fleet. We were able to research the fleet and determine that conventional methods of infiltration would not work. Can you believe the team I was with seriously thought I could effectively impersonate Darth Vader! That man is easily a foot or more taller than I am! And all of the followers of that ancient religion are rumored to be able to recognize fellow practitioners upon meeting them. After my fellows tried to convince me of the merits of this plan for the second time I made it clear that this would be impossible. Enough on that; I do not want to get worked up regarding impossible position I have allowed myself to be placed in…

Anyhow I return to the Discovery proceed directly to my yacht hoping to have the time I need to study for the part I am required to play in the upcoming rescue of Corbin. This is going to be a difficult con to pull off and the price others will have to pay if I am unsuccessful will be incalculable. I am so lost in my concerns that I completely forget about the reception celebrating the union of Fen and Crash. Not that I have the time to go there now; I hope they can forgive me this once and that the gift I was able to track down for them was well received…

I see that this situation has really got me worked up I am rambling again; well two of my favorite people take the time to leave the reception and visit with me on my ship. I doubt they realize just how much their visit was appreciated (I will have to find a suitable means to express my gratitude once this whole Corbin thing is resolved). I am afraid that I was not the greatest host to Sara and Jynxie (they were certainly a pleasure on my eyes as well as my nerves). Sara stayed for a while and provided some stabilizing distractions for me before returning to the party; I hear there was an open bar at Uneeq's (both Corbin and Harold owe me for missing that!) Her company was very pleasant and I am glad she stopped by.

Jynxie however was a lifesaver she stayed around for days quietly sharing my company and cooking for the two of us. ChiChi is a lucky man to have found someone so capable and able to understand the occasional need for quiet company. I think she enjoyed the time spent free from demands and hope she found a measure of peace during the time we spent together. I know that she has several relationship issues that she is trying to resolve and I can only trust that she was able to find some serenity in these posh surroundings. I know I find the meditation pool to be quite soothing. Enough reflecting for now; I need to get back to work. The sooner I finish studying this material the better. I have a lot of plans for my new yacht and still owe it to both Sara and Jynxie to host them more cordially the next time they stop by. I will have to invite them to cum over soon.

I hope these letters reach them and convey my true appreciation for their kindness and friendship:
To Jynxie from Mathias
To Sara from Mathias

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