Fun Aboard The Floating Dust Bunny

The smell of fuel wafted through the hall as Reon approached the hangar bay. Down below she spotted a small robed figure looking on as crewmen scurried about preping the General's ship. As Reon made her way down the stairs, the Jawa turned and spotting the familiar neon pink blast vest, waved in greeting.

"It's good to see you, Jynxie" the Jawa said. "I've been given leave and can't wait to see my family. Are you going to spend time with ChiChi on leave?"

"Well, I'd like to" Reon began "it's been months since we've seen eachother, but I'm not sure I'll have time. I am getting ready to go however, but was wondering if you would come onboard and take a look at my engine…I mean, it looks like you've got a little bit of time." Motioning towards the Jawa's ship and the personel about them. "You see, R2's been driving me nuts about something to with the engines…or so I'm guessing since I don't understand droid. It would at least give me peace of mind during the trip."

Seeing that the personel will do fine without their General hanging about, the Jawa agrees and follows Jynx to her ship. Once onboard they pass a cardboard cut out of a stormtrooper as Jynx guides the Jawa to the engines.

"I'm sorry about the mess" Jynx says, stepping around a few crates left in a corridor. "Choth isn't around much to help out with loading stuff on…and in hindsight I ought to have loaded the cargo through the hold first as opposed to the main door."

Indeed, the Jawa notices, that if Jynx's ship ever got boarded there would be plenty of cover. There are also a few of the inflatable jawas littered about the ship.

Once at the engine, it is obvious that the trouble seems to be caused a million different little things. Foil is wrapped around exposed wires and tied shut with ribbon, chewing gum haphazardly holds things together, and cupplings hang in disarry. Mostly neglect and a lack of replacing parts. Jynx informs the Jawa that she leaves the engine and the ship to the R2 unit and has had little time to check into things since she got the ship.

Once elbow into the work, Jynx excuses herself, saying that she is waiting for a com from her hubby and will be in the cockpit if needed. Feeling that the human didn't understand what the Jawa was doing, Stinky is relieved she left.

Eventually done, the Jawa comprises a list of parts Jynx will need to pick up and turns to head towards the cockpit when she notices an R2 unit in the entrance. After a momment the droid realizes that the Jawa had tampered with the engine and inspects it, bleeping happily and showing parts needed (which the Jawa has already taken note of). Happy that finally someone understands, he cuddles against the Jawa. Trying to leave, the Droid begins flashing holos of explosives and moves to block the enterance. Thinking nothing more than it's the droid's quirk from living with Jynx, Stinky tries to manuver the droid out of the way, but it won't budge. It goes so far as to destroying the door locking panel and attempting to weld the door shut.

Calling for help on the comms, there is no answer from Jynx. So, holding the droid back by invisible means the Jawa works to open the door and steps out into the hall, the R2 unit continuing to bleep frantically and displaying the same holos.

In The Cockpit

Jynx reclines in the captain's seat, her feet crossed at the ankle over the flight panel. In her lap is a datapad showing real time footage of the hallway outside the engine room. A bright blue light flashes on the screen n'sync with a loud pop and thud as a momment later the body of a Jawa hits the floor. Giggling with glee, Jynx slowly shakes her head. And to think, I toned that one down to give her a sporting chance.

Glancing back down at the datapad, Jynx watches as the Jawa rises to her feet. Suddenly she hears a slurr of curses in Jawa, the only distinguishable word being JYNXIE! through the recording rods in the ship.

Back In The Hall…

Aware of her predicament, Stinky figures that the only way off the pressure plate she is standing on is to dive off of it, and guestimates that she'll have to make it a few feet to a stack of crates just outside the cargo hold. She leaps, but makes only a few feet, landing back on the pressure plate and things go dark.

…regaining conciousness and ignoring the bleeping droid, Stinky tries again, making it home free. But before she can pause to rest a gun swings down from the ceiling and begins tracking her movements. Mustering her adrenaline, she dodges into an open door across the hall, barely escaping the blue rings behind her.

Panting, she slowly rises and peers out the door and down the hallway, calculating what it was that Jynx must have set up. In her ponderings she is jarred by a small polishing droid with a My Little Taun Taun strapped to it's top and the word Frick scrawled on the surface, which appeared from somewhere in the…broomcloset? Aprehensive at first that it might be an explosive, she watches as the droid begins polishing the floor infront of her feet. After a momment a second droid also with a My Little Taun Taun and the word Frack on it appears, and knocks Frick out of the way and begins to polish the same area.

For a few momments the droids engage in a mock battle to outdo one another, turning their attention to the Jawa's boots and robes. Drawing her gaze back to the hallway, the Jawa notices the gun in the ceiling has retracted, and decides to make her move. Again she dives down the hallway…an unfamiliar weight tugging at her robes and a brilliant blue flash.

…again, regaining conciousness, this time to the overpowering smell of Lilac detergent as one of the droids begins buffing her face. She glances about, noticing another gun, at the T-intersection of the hall, has popped up from a stack of crates. Slowly, the Jawa brings her comm to her face.

"Jynxie! Jynxie! You're supposed to be here if I need medical attention!" She screams through her translitorator.

Back In The Cockpit

Sighing, Jynx manuvers her heel onto the comm button and stares down at the screen in her lap. "Would you relax? I've been keeping an eye on you the whole time, and if I thought you were in any danger I'd have put a stop to this."

"Aren't you going to help me?" The Jawa responds, worry and anger in her voice.

"I am" Jynx replies, "And if you don't get moving, I'm going to trigger the plate again." Then switches her comm off.

As soon as she does she hears the Jawa screaming in panic through the recorder for help. Realizing that Stinky was probably in touch with one of the personel outside, Jynx swings her feet around to the floor and stands up. Datapad still in hand, she heads out towards the entrance of the ship, expecting incomming.

Sure enough a private comes running up the ramp, abrubptly halting at attention as he spies Major Zzingnut at the entrance. He informs her that he came in response to a plea for help from the General, and Jynx responds in kind:

"There's a training exercise going on in here, private, for the General's own good."

Stuck in a rut between ranking officers, the private replies that he'll have to check the authorization of this.

"It's been aproved by Payne, if you wish to know whom to bother" she lies. "It's actually for a new holo for recruits about the importance of doge in field…but if you want to take the General's place…?"

The private declines, and with a pallid visage, turns to check on the authorization of the 'exercise'.

Back to Stinky

Giving up the comms, Stinky snatches up one of the polishing droids and chucks it at the gun down the hall. The weapon fires but misses the droid, which nicks the gun and disappears behind the crates. An idea forming in her little Jawa mind, Stinky grabs the second droid and stands up. Throwing it to the left down the hall, she then dodges down the right. Sensing the larger target a momment too late, the blast misses, and for a momment the Jawa is safe behind some crates.

Looking around, she is only a foot away from the door leading into the main sitting area when she notices a third gun in the corner across from her. The gun locks on but does not go off while she is still.

The entrance is just at the end of the hall, I know it! I can do this…I can make it if I don't…

Without a second thought the Jawa barrels down the hall screaming, dodging past blue rings from all directions including from the stormtrooper cutout at the door. Twisting out the door, the Jawa topples down the ramp and scurries past Jynx.

Laughing and clutching her sides Jynx is able to say between giggles "If it make you feel better, General, you'll teach the recruits quite a bit!"

The only response is more Jawa curses and a wave goodbye with the middle finger.

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