Galactic Corporations

Star Wars Galactic Corporations - Master List

Aavman (Cracken's Rebel Operatives, page 70) 
Adostic Arms 
Aeramaxis (Galladinium's, page 83) 
Agrierd Intergalactics 
Alliwon Electronics 
Andrali-Tech Designs (Servais sector) 
Arakyd Aerodynes, Inc. 
Arakyd Corp. (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
Aratech (Best of the SWAJ 1-4, page 12) 
Arantha Communications 
Arcon Mutinode Agricorp (major macro food processing and refining, large fastfood chain owner)
Armandi Clothing (Servais sector) 
Atgar Arms 
Attakril Meats (Planets Vol 3, page 41)
Ascott Space Industries (A wholly owned subsidiary of Harold Ascott Enterprises)
Ayelixe/Kronbing Textiles (fabrics, textiles, and uniforms)

Bacnor Armaments 
Bank of the Core (Major Bank and Money Changer for the Empire & CSA)
Bespin Motors 
Billeon (Blockade Runner's Guide) 
BioTech Industries (Cracken's Rebel Operatives, page 68) 
Biscuit Baron (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
BlasTech Corp. (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
Blethern Gas Industries (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
Bonadan Industries 
Borallis Metalworking & Materials 
Borliss Automotion Concepts, Inc. 
Brisallon Chemical Consolidated (Galladinium's, page 84)

Cadrahlsen Mechanicals 
Calban Arms 
Capris Technologies 
Casillis Electronic Defenses 
Charendohl Exports, Ltd. 
Chiewab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals Company (Exploiting New Planets)
SubCorporations: Corellian Chemical Corp, Chiewab Nutrition, Degan Exploration, and The Veran Group
Cirenian Communications 
Consolidated Learning Systems (Consumer electronics & appliances, Business Computer systems)
Corellian Engineering Corporation 
Corgorlath Leisure Articles 
Coruschal WeaponsWorks 
Coyn Shipyards (Planets Vol 3, page 30) 
Creshaldyne Industries (Galladinium's, page 85) 
Crozo Industrial Products 
Curich Engineering (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
Czerka Weapons (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
Culcanis MicroInstruments 
Cybersoft Corp. 
Cybot Galactica

Dalabar Micro-Electronics 
Dalesep Survival Apparatus 
Damorian Manufacturing 
Dardrennis Survival Technology 
Dark Horse Enterprises (Servais sector) 
DefenStar Ltd (maker of planetary shield, orbital defenses, new interlocking shielding systems)
Delat Personal Electronics (Planets Vol 3, page 41) 
Dendratis Biological Exports, Inc. 
Dismantled Droid Disposal Service (GG4: Alien Races, page 90) 
Drearian Defense Conglomerate 
Drever Corp. (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118)
Duct Unlimited (Starship Support systems, life support, heat exchangers, etc.)
Dweomilis Advisory Foundation (Defense system think-tank Major Imperial Contributor)

Ealewon Electronics 
Ekkar Armaments (Planets Volume 3, pp. 41,50-51) 
Eleven Star Marketing (Major advertising and marketing sales company)
Elmainin Armaments (Galladinium's , page 82) 
Elrood Quarry Corporation (Planets Volume 3, page 17) 
Elrood StarYards, Ltd. (Planets Volume 3, page 34) 
ExcelStar (Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts, page 87)

Fabreini MicroElectronics 
Fabreth Medical Biochemicals 
Fabritech, Inc. (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
Falkenharn Repulsors 
Farendress Defel Exports 
Fegegrish Heavy Industrials 
Felebreck Electrical Defense Systems 
Ferisoliq Imports, Inc. 
Frohad's Galactic Firearms

Galaxy Publishing (Major publisher & promotional PR group)
Galaxy Tours (Tourist packages, owner of many luxury liners & resort worlds)
Galinolo (Cracken's Rebel Operatives, page 71) 
Galladinium Galactic Exports 
Gallofree Yards (bankrupt before Yavin) 
GalResource Industries (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
Galvronos Givin Interchanges 
Ganrite Yards of Elrood, Inc. (Planets Volume 3, page 41) 
Geentech (Cracken's Rebel Operatives, page 68) 
Gefferon Pleasure Craft 
Gentik (Cracken's Rebel Operatives, page 57) 
Ghtroc Industries 
Go Corp 
Golan Arms 
Gorondind Chronometrics 
Gowix Computers (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 

Hadrassi Emergency Medicals Systems 
Harris (Cracken's Rebel Operatives, page 57) 
Harold Ascott Arms & Equipment (A wholly Owned Subsidiary of Harold Ascott Enterprises)
Harold Ascott Enterprises
Haileycraft (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 68) 
Heckson Industries (Classic Campaigns, page 89) 
Herloss (Galladinium's, page 83) 
Hyrotii (Cracken's Rebel Operatives, page 64)

I'att Armaments (Best of SWAJ 1-4, pp. 29-38) 
Idellian Arrays 
Illicit Electronics 
Illiseni Aerodyne 
Imperial Arms 
Imperial HoloVision (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
Imperial Meats and Produce (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
Imperial Mining, Ltd. (SWAJ 1-4, page 118, Planets vol. 3 pp. 16-17,22,82-83) 
Industrial Automaton 
IntelStar Co (major nav computer, hyperdrive, & sensor array manufacturer)
Interstellar Droid Monitoring, Inc. 
Iyranis Gravitics

Kalibac Industries 
Karflo Exploration Corp. 
Karflo Mining Corp. 
Karflo Planetscape Corp. 
Kamperdine Clothing Specialists 
Kee-Piru Computronics 
Kelliak Arms and Armor Company 
Kelvarek Consolidated Arms 
Kirgalis Pharmaceutical Exports (Galladinium's, page 85) 
Kolocast Consumer Goods 
Kroeskin Fabrications (ceramisteel vehicle & ship hulls, bulk ores, mineral markets)
Kuat Drive Yards 
Kystallio Detection

Lakan Industries 
Lantillian SpaceCrafters (Classic Campaigns, page 17) 
Lardanis Survival Systems 
Larjh StarCorporation (Cracken's Rebel Operatives, page 84) 
Leisure Mechanicals (automated machinery systems, computers, high-end droids)
Lerrimore Contracting Co (household goods, appliances, and furniture)
Les Tech 
LifeLine Technologies 
Light Star Yards (Servais sector) 
Locris Syndicates (Galladinium's, page 83) 
Loronar (GG8:Scouts page 38, + other references) 
Luxon Personal Armaments, Ltd.

Mahled Medical Services 
Malaxan Firepower, Inc. 
Menendahl Cybertronics 
Mercenary Guild of Coyn (Planets Volume 3, pp. 41,45) 
Meredex Atmospherics 
MerenData (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
Merisee Prime Pharmaceutical (Planets Volume 3, page 72) 
Merisee Smooth (Planets Volume 3, page 71) 
Merr-Sonn Industrial Equipment (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
Merr-Sonn Mil/Sci. (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
Merr-Sonn Munitions (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
MerrWeapons (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
Messert Mines Corporation (Classic Campaigns, page 53) 
Millennium Entertainment (sports teams, swoop racing leagues, entertainment, Galaxy News Service, CoreDataFiles, TriNebulon News)
Mobquet Swoops and Speeders (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
Mon Cal Defenses 
Morgath Industries (food processing, genetic food additives & dietary supplements)
Mylon (Blockade Runner's Guide) 
Myskeler & Gorlan Star Drives (Servais sector)

Nebula Consumables (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
NeuroSaav Technologies 
Nilar Med/Tech Corporation 
Norsam Corp. (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
Nova Network (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
Novaless Soni-Optics 
Novaplex (“Imperial” line of luxury hotels, apartment rentals, and resorts)
Nova-Star Construction and Design (Servais sector) 
Novoil Cluster Stargoods

Occludii Gasyards (Dreamlands news reference,) 
Orfa Olfactory Entertainment, Inc. (Planets Volume 3, pp. 41,60) 
Orfa Toolco (Planets Volume 3, page 60) 
Oriolanis Defense Systems 
Orlean (GG 8: Scouts, page 41) 
Outland Foodstuffs Inc. (Servais sector) 
Owell Processed Metals, Inc. (Servais sector)

Pacnorval Defense Systems, Ltd. 
Palandrix Personal Protection Gear 
Palladia Electronics 
Paradaour Enterprises 
Paretaine Sonics 
Planetary Safaris, Inc. (GG 4: Alien Races, page 18) 
Plescinia Entertainments 
Plexgrove Combine (Low and Mid level financing and banking)
Prax Arms 
Praxen Emergency Medical Supplies, Ltd. 
Pretormin Environmental 
Professiona Artists Guild (Planets Volume 3, page 41) 
Pure Thrust Engineering (Servais sector)
Quality Electronics of Torina (Planets Volume 3, page 20) 
Quarlitech Aergronics

Radell Mining Corporation (Planets Volume 3, pp. 18,21-22,39) 
Raflkind Industrials 
Rebaxan Columni (Cracken's Rebel Operatives, page 57)
Red Star shipping Lines (major shipping firm & owner of many transport hubs & planets)
Regallis Engineering 
Rego Mineral Company 
Renew (bankrupt before Clone Wars) (Planets Volume 3, page 18) 
Rendili StarDrive 
RepulsorCorp (Classic Campaigns, page 88) 
Rheshalva Interstellar Armaments 
Rim Securities 

Sabrashi Bio-Chemical Deterrents, Inc. 
Saladar Systems 
Salasetti Survival Systems 
Saldalith Manufacturing 
Saltech (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 68) 
Salus (Galladinium's, page 84) 
Sancretti Arms & Munitions, Interstellar 
Santhe/Sienar Technologies (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
Santhe Passenger and Freight (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
Sarno Technologies 
Sartran Corporation (Classic Campaigns, page 15) 
Schaum/Yfarg/Welbig/Fabrico & Assoc (Twi’lek “public relations firm”, money laundering & slavery)
SeaScape (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 67) 
Servenidain Securities, Ltd 
Serv-O-Droid Labor droids
Seselin Medicinal Electronics 
Sessian Armaments 
Sienar Fleet Systems (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
Sienar Ships 
SkyFire Gas Mining Ltd. (Servais sector) 
SlaynRoche Co. 
Slayn and Korpil 
Sluis van Shipyards 
Slusani Interstellar Pharmacologies 
Smitroo Industries (GG 8: Scouts, page 96) 
SoroSuub Corp. 
Spice Mines of Kessel 
Squib Merchandising Consortium (GG4: Alien Races, page 83) 
Star Core Fuels (Servais sector) 
Starshipwrights and Aerospace Engineers, Inc. (Customized spaceship upgrades)
SuriTech Foodstuffs 
Sydon Vehicle Works (GG 8: Scouts, page 42) 
Synnt-ovasions, Inc. 
Synthtech Medtech Corporation 

TaggeCo. (Interests include Mining, Hvy Ind., Repulsorlift, Macro farming, restaurants, hvy. Transports)
Tagge Mining Company (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
Tagge Restaurant Association (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
Taim & Bak 
Tana Ire 
Tego Arms 
Terreene (Classic Campaigns, page 26) 
Thulpin Agriculture (Classic Campaigns, page 61) 
Tibrin Kish'nol (Tibrin Exotic Armaments) 
Tion Industries, Civil Aeronautics Division 
Torina Discount Electronics, Inc. (Planets Volume 3, page 42) 
Tozzin Foods (Planets Volume 3, page 42) 
Tramora Interstellar Communications 
Transsector Lines, Ltd. (Planets Volume 3, page 36) 
Trast Heavy Transports (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
Trasst (Blockade Runner's Guide) 
Traxes BioElectronics 
TrigDale Metallurgy (raw minerals & crystal processing, radioactive storage & reactor systems)
Trilon, Inc. (GG 8: Scouts, page 43) 
TriNebulon News (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
TTC (Cracken's Rebel Operatives, page 55) 
Tykannin Drive (Planets Volume 3, page 28) 
Tykannin Turbines (Classic Campaigns, page 62)

Udrane Galactic Electronics 
Ugor Salvage Company (GG 4: Alien Races, page 90) 
Ulkop Securities 
Ulqib MicroTronics 
Unilliten Industries (Classic Campaigns, page 54) 
Utozz Prime Breweries (Planets Volume 3, pp. 29,42,71) 
Uukablian ChemCorp 
Uulshos Manufacturing (GG 8: Scouts, page 36)

V'karr (Blockade Runner's Guide) 
Valerenn Environmentals 
Valkrex Machinery 
Vangaard Industries (GG 8: Scouts, page 40) 
Varge Corp. (Household Item Manufacturer)
Vaufthau Transports (Speeder & Swoop Manufacturer)
Vectac Systems, Inc. 
Vercanne Mineral Technologies 
Veredictas CompuTechnology 
Veretrex Securities 
Veril Line Systems 
Vewas Data Controllers 
Vreshann Electronics, Inc. 
Vulca Minerals

Waste Haulers Unl. (GG 4: Alien Races, page 90) 
Weogar Stardrives (GG 4: Alien Races, page 23) 
Wethrenn Amusements, unl. 
Willienk Data Systems

Xana Exotic Arms 
Xarnin Medical Technologies 
Xerithin Chemical Combinations

Yalandross PowerMasters

Zemphyr Defenders, Inc. 
Zone Supplies, Ltd. (Best of SWAJ 1-4, page 118) 
zZip Motor Concepts 
zZip Product Concepts Ltd (Luxury goods)

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