Skills / Perception Skills

Time Taken: One round to several minutes.
Specializations: Particular game of chance—sabacc, Trin sticks, warp-top.

Gambling retlects a character's skill at various games of chance — it is used to increase his odds of winning. This skill doesn't affect games that are purely random, but does influence games with an element of strategy, like sabacc. When playing a skill game honestly, all characters make opposed gambling rolls, and the highest roll wins.
A character can also use the gambling skill to cheat or detect others who are cheating. When a character cheats, every other character is allowed to make an opposed gambling skill roll to see if they detect the cheat. The characters can make detection rolls every time the gambler attempts to cheat. If they fail, the gambler "wins" the round.
Modifiers include "assistance" (more than one person looking for the cheater, or helping the cheater), one character's familiarity with the game being played surpasses the other's, or other factors. The gamemaster should consider as many "angles" as possible when using the gambling skill.
Gamemasters are also encouraged to ask players to describe exactly how they're cheating. A player whose character rolls a high gambling roll to cheat but doesn't create a feasible method his character could use should not be successful. For instance, a character cheating at sabacc might hide a card up his sleeve or use a rigged card-chip.

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