Gands are short, stocky three-fingered humanoids that typically have green, gray, or brown skin, and are roughly the same height as average humans. The Gand's biology — like most everything else regarding this enigmatic species — remains largely unstudied; the Gands have made it quite clear to every sentientologist who has approached them that they will not provide any information about themselves, nor allow themselves to be studied. There are currently believed to be approximately a dozen Gand subspecies (though the differentiation between each Gand race is not fully understood).
Dexterity 1D+1/4D
Knowledge 1D/4D
Mechanical 1D+1/4D
Perception 1D/4D+2
Strength 2D/5D
Technical 1D/4D+2

Exoskeleton: The ceremonial chemical baths of some findsmen initiation promote the growth of pronounced knobby bits on a Gand's exoskeleton. The bits on a Gand's arms or legs can be used as rough, serrated weapons in close-quarter combat and will do Strength +1 damage when brawling.
Eye Shielding:Most Gand have a double layer of eye-shielding. The first layer is composed of a transparent keratin-like substance: the Gand suffers no adverse effects of sandstorms or conditions with other airborne debris. The Gands' second layer of eye protection is an exceptionally durable chitin that can endure substantial punishment. For calculating damage, this out layer has the same Strength as the character.
Findsman Ceremony: Gands use elaborate and arcane rituals to find prey. Whenever a Gand uses a ritual (which takes at least three hours), he gains a +2D to track a target.
Regeneration: Many Gands — particularly those who have remained on their homeworld or are of one of the very traditional sects — can regenerate lost limbs (fingers, arms, legs, and feet). Once a day, a Gand must make a Strength or stamina roll; a Very Difficult roll results in 20 percent regeneration; a Difficult will result in 15 percent; a Moderate will result in 10 percent regeneration. Any roll below Moderate will not assist a Gand's healing process, and the character must wait until the next day to roll.
Reserve Sleep: Most Gands need only a fraction of the sleep most living beings require. They can "store" sleep for times when being unconscious is not desirable. As such, the Gand need not make stamina rolls with the same frequency as most characters for purposes of determining the effects of sleep deprivation. Unless otherewise stated, this is an assumed trait in a Gand.
Move: 10/12
Pip Cost: 3

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