Garden Attempt 10

After leaving the dining room from having dinner with Xakon and Dee, Chichi was still coming down from the adrenaline of the conversation and a fine meal. Shrugging off his concerns for the time being, he decided now was as good a time as any to try and get into gardens.

Being gardens, they must surly have access to the sky. Looking up, Chichi frowned as all he saw has the darkness of the cave ceiling hundreds of meters up. Swearing to himself Chichi remembered that he’s on Barab I, the surface is inhospitable thus the cities and living spaces are all underground. There goes that idea, but what if… Grabbing onto that idea Chichi ran to the vehicle bay.

Hoping into a flitter, Chichi quickly had the thing hot-wired and was zooming out of the vehicle bay. He had strapped on a recording rod to the hood, and was going to zoom around the residence to get a recording of what the outside looked like.

As he made his first pass, he caught a brief flash of light from his right, and quickly turned the controls to the left as a laser blast flew by him. They were shooting at him! I can’t believe they’re shooting at me! Noticing his comm. Light was blinking he switched it on “Unidentified flitter, you are flying over private property. Leave or you will be blasted out of the sky.” Irritated, he flipped the comms to transmit “Look you tall, furless, brainless twit, this is Super-duper Lieutenant Captainisimo ChiChi Zzingnut of the 42nd, Squib Irregulars, retired, Savior of the Jawa Nation. You blow up this flitter and it’s coming out of your paycheck until it’s paid for which will take a mighty long time.” Doing a barrel roll and almost losing control of the flitter, Chichi managed to avoid a second and third shot. The voice on the comms was quiet for a moment, and then replied with slight amusement “Unidentified Flitter, you have been identified as”Furball I” and we have been instructed to bring you down. As a personal note, Lord Xakon has stated that anyone that hits your Flitter but does not destroy it will be given 500 credits per hit. He also added that you are to stay out of the garden and that you missed a grand desert. Ground control out”

Suddenly the sky was a burst of color as laser blasts started to appear all around Chichi and his flitter. Unfortunately he was unable to appreciate the display as his flitter was hit multiple times. Systems were starting to fail, he need to bring this thing in and fast. Diving towards the ground, swearing and gritting his teeth, he saw the vehicle bay in front of him. He was coming in way too hot, and people were in there. He pulled back up. Frantically looking around, he spied something and came up with what seemed like a reasonable idea. He climbed back up getting hit a couple of more times. His flitter was smoking badly, and the controls were sluggish. He started to dive back down towards the junk dealer back area. Jumping out of the Flitter, and turning on his gravity belt he started to float down to the ground as the flitter crashed into a pile of used speeder parts. As Chichi’s boots hit the ground the Barabel junk dealer came running around the corner.

After brushing himself off, Chichi looks up and smiling states “I’ve got a slightly used flitter I’d like to trade you, are you interested?”

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