Garden Attempt 25

After a stressful couple of weeks including being temporarily captured by the Empire, Chichi and Jynxie were on Barab 1 relaxing. The scene below opens up in their small 'love shack':

"Okay, you promised not to peek, and I trust you, but I am going to be carrying you the rest of the way."

After about 20 minutes of walking, hearing doors open and close, ChiChi is suddenly aware of a heady smell in the air, baffling his senses. Jynx slows her pace somewhat, sensing his body change. It's as if thousands of scents compete for your attention.

Finally she sets him down in what feels like grass.

"Okay, you can take the blindfold off" she says.

Chichi’s jaw drops as he takes in the scope of the gardens… the myriad of smells the different textures, and the rainbow of colors.

As he slowly looks around, Chichi’s mouth starts to move but no sound comes out. Taking a couple of steps he stops, looks around again and takes a couple more steps in another direction. Looking back at Jynx, he finally collapses on his back and starts laughing hysterically.

At this Jynxie starts to get somewhat concerned… did she just overload her husband’s senses? Did she break him? She knew they've been under a lot of stress lately but she never saw a breakdown coming down. Cautiously… she approaches the Squib rolling on his back laughing. Bending over reaching out a hand towards her husband, concern in her voice “Chichi…??”

He was laughing so hard, Chichi was crying… and with Jynxie’s focus on her husband she failed to notice Xakon’s approach until, “Is everything ok here?” Startled Jynx turns around and then curses to herself… that’s right he said Chichi wasn’t allowed in the garden that he had to earn it. Standing up, assuming her mantle of nobility, ready to defend her choice to bring her husband here, Chichi’s laughter started to die down.

Looking at Xakon from his back he merely gave him a goofy grin, “You lose… twice.” Slightly puzzled, Xakon looks at Jynx and then down at the Squib holding two fingers in the air, “Oh really? How is that?” Not bothering to stand up, “Because after the week we’ve had, which you already know about, my wife brought me here to cheer me up, which it has considerably.” Winking at her, “and the second reason is that while you have some very nice plants, many of them quite beautiful I can only imagine how empty this garden is without Jynxie's radiant presense.”

Smiling, Xakon merely bows to Chichi and a wave of amusement and approval seems to radiate from Xakon. “Very well Master Zzingnut, you have me at a disadvantage. You and your wife have indeed earned a temporary respite here. I will make sure that you are not disturbed.” With that he bows to Jynx “Miss Zzingnut”, and with that he turns and leaves the gardens ensuring their privacy.

As Jynx watches Xakon walk down the path, she turns to say something to her husband… only to be tackled landing in the tall purple grass by a laughing furry squib.

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