Garden Attempt 8

"OK, I'm getting frustrated now. I know the garden exists I've seen them, so why can't I find it or get access to it." Completely frustrated now, the little squib marches into Xakon's office. Looking up from a data screen, Xakon takes note of Chichi's demeaner and as innocently as he could asks if something is bothering him.

Heading for the bar, Chichi pours himself a drink and then in a huff plops down in a chair. Sighing "Look, I realize that there's a garden here that is supposed to be really cool. Jynxie told me about it, I'd like to be able to visit it. Could I have access to it?"

With the corner of his mouth slightly curving up in a smile and a mischieveous glint in his eye, Xakon replies "Of course Chichi, you could have access to my gardens." Jumping out his chair, Chichi starts to say thanks and head out the door. "But I'm not going to grant it… yet." Stopping dead in his tracks with his jaw hitting the ground, the squib turns around. Chuckling in amusement, "Would you care to know why?" Seeing the squib nod his head with a look of puzzlement on his face, Xakon continues, "I could say it's because I know the only reason you want to get in there is to practice your Horticulture skills and make some new cigars. However, it's a little more… complicated than that. You see, my complex has a lot of security, but no one seems to want to test it out. My challange to you, my furry little friend is to earn your way into the gardens. Should you gain access to the gardens, it will then no longer be considered off limits for you."

Chichi nods, and starts to look around the floor. Seeing this, Xakon asks "Chichi, what are you looking for?" Looking up "I'm looking for the gauntlet, so when I get in the garden I can throw it back at you." Smiling with a wink, Chichi literally skips out of the room.

Watching him go, Xakon can't help but wonder with a smile "Did I just unleash a dervish of trouble? I best warn security and LX to be on their toes."

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