Gathering Remains

Clean up commenced on the flight deck of "Discovery" as the small figure in bdu's with General's stars walked in carrying a cryogenics container that was almost half her height. Taking up a position near to where the being known as Wolfman Steve had been blasted, the little being sat down and looked to be meditating.

The crew chief approached, shouting, "Hey, you can't sit there. We're trying to clean up this mess." In reply, Lt. Gen. Gad'wa-heega said, "So am I." Taken by surprise, the crew chief quickly saluted.

Waving off the salute, Dee explained to the human that she could find the bits that were once one of their fallen comrades and that he, as all of them when their time came, deserved a decent farewell. Hence the cryo container. What little remained should be treated with respect and not just swept away as junk.

The crew chief in turn spoke with his crew members working in the area. An almost palpable change could be felt in the area as everyone lent a hand while still working on the bigger task of cleaning up and repairing the damaged hangar bay. Soon all the bits were found and gathered in the container.

To herself, Dee though, "Now we can hold his memorial service." With that Dee took the container to the morgue to be held until the service.

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