Gen Castel Mission Report

Mission Report

Objective: Enter he targeted building and secure the safety on Gorva the Hutt.
Mission success.

Slik (DW)
Fen Bel Iblis
Reon Vo


We entering the mining building from a landing platform. Anti personal gun embankments lined the walls. Gen Iblis then proceeded towards the wall the gun opened fire. All party members save myself and Vo found positions under the guns and proceeded to try and gain entry. I shielded Vo and we proceeded up towards the guns. Hostiles inside the building did there best to block our entry but that was secured quickly.

Entry into the the building caused two causalities myself and Fen. Both we healed in field.

The next room was filled with mining fuels and explosive gaeses. We fought some resistance and several times endured fireballs engulfing the room. No serious injuries were sustained by our team in these events.

The last room contained the Hutt held captive by the Pirate target. The team went into action and each member performed well securing by securing or eliminating hostiles. the target had a powerful weapon which caused great injury to myself and team mate Kastor rose to the challenge and secured to target.

End Report

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