General Repairs

Using Repair Skills

General repairs covers every thing from comlinks to blast doors..

There are two factors when figuring out how long, how hard, and how costly the item will be to repair..

The first thing you must assess is the damage level. This often will not require a roll though on some larger scale or complex things the gm could ask you for one.. Repairing a comlink is a lot simpler than putting a factory back together again. Once you know how severely damaged the item is you can consult the chart below..

Damage Repair Difficulty Repair Cost
Lightly Easy 15%
Heavily Moderate 25%
Severely Very Difficult 35%
Destroyed May not be repaired N/A

The repair cost is estimated off the original price of the item. Once all other factors have been considered (conditions / tools / familiarity with the tech) the gm will give you roughly how long it will take to repair said item.

Once that time has passed you simply make the roll and are done.

These repair rules are intentionally similar to the Weapon / Armor repair rules.

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