General Thaid S Final Report

General Thaid’s Mission report

Commander Harner took three passengers on his destroyer before going to sector 345567. Dr Bail Raymus, Dr Rachael Ginner, and Thoren Fell. Rachael is a computer systems analyst and one of the chief designers for Kuat Ship yards her loyalty is clearly to the empire. Thoren was relatively unknown. We can’t confirm is connection to Raddich, but but we do know he clearly displayed a lightsabar to the crew of the Malice and was given higher rank than Harner. Thoren was the one that input the coordinates in the nav computer and was among the dead in the sick bay of the Malice. Bail used to work for Nubian star drives. He tells us his cooperation with the empire was solely as a result of the fact that he was informed that agents of the empire had his family under lock and key and that his lack of cooperation would be detrimental to them. The empire suspected that Bail had leanings towards the rebellion. Bail is being protected by the alliance and we are looking into his family at this time. Listed below is information that is the combination of what was gathered by the rebel groups, replicant droid testimony, Information pulled from the VSD Malice, and Bail.

An unidentified ship was spotted in sector 345567. The ship did not match any known designer configurations. The ships markings were that of the ancient Sith Empire five thousand years ago. The ship did not respond to hails and as per Imperial protocols was attacked. Standing imperial orders in that sector was to destroy any unauthorized ships. However, Thoren Fell ordered that this ship captured. This vessel was of particular interest as a result of its design and ability to not be detected by scanners or even the targeting computers of the gunners. The ship appeared to initiate a self-destruct rather than be captured.

Commander arrived to sector 345567 with the two of the passengers that he was ordered to take on. The VSD Malice and her crew then proceeded to scour the system and retrieve every piece of debris from the destroyed ship. They did so, and Thoren Fell inputted Hyperspace jump to non-disclosed and classified location. On Route, Thoren supervised the examination of the four occupants of the alien ship. Bail and Rachael were given the task of scanning and studying the debris from the captured ship in order to determine its origins and possibly begin to understand the material on the hall that allowed it to evade sensor and targeting computer lock.

Sickbay: What and was initially brought in to sick bay, was what appeared to be four corpses of humanoids who had died as a result of the destruction of a ship. Within hours it became apparent that they were regenerating. Within two days they resembled two humanoid men and two humanoid women. It was then that Thoren authorized a series of experiments as to determine what they were, where they came from and how was it that they could regenerate. Scans indicated that the four of them were humanoid replicant droids. The technology resembled known droid construction but clearly no expense was spared in their craftsmanship and quality. Two of them were reinforced with various metals to make them more susceptible to damage. One of them (Drake) had, what was determined to be a crystal, imbedded in its upper torso. That one, according to the medical notes, was sensitive to the force and was tested more intensely by Thoren. Despite the replicant droids demonstrating, what two of the medical personnel described as sentiments, cruel and evasive procedures were conducted to try to determine the source of the regeneration and to further the understanding of their technology. Two of the droids were even subjected to attempts at hacking in order to obtain information that was not volunteered. Moments after the malice was pulled out of hyperdrive, the four replicant droids staged their escape. The droids treatment of the medical staff present in sick bay whey they escaped, reflected the torment that they had endured during the days of hyperspace travel from sector 345567. The one remaining medical personnel that survived was captured by our operatives and returned to the discovery where he is undergoing emotional and psychological treatment. All other medical personnel have been murdered and their bodies desecrated. Further information can be found within Major Gen. Gad'wa-heega’s mission report.

Invisible droids: Attached to scomp links on board the VSD Malice for spiderlike droids. They possess a optical shielding that concealed them. The replecant droids tell us that they use to them to interface with the ship in order to exact their revenge implement escape. The samples that were recovered are currently being examined. Progress is extremely slow due to the fact that we are unable to duplicate their power systems. These spider droids however do follow the same construction as our own modern currents.

What became of the replecant droids: They were extremely grateful that our operatives assisted in their escape, but were reluctant to offer any information regarding the data that had been pulled from the VSD Malice. They respectfully requested that we allow them to part ways and insured us that this would be presented favorably and not forgotten. They asked for the location they were being sent do. Given how they were unwilling to offer any information or even how they knew one of our operatives, I felt it was inappropriate to surrender such information.

Conclusion: I am asking for volunteers to look into Dr Bail Raymus’s family as well as perform reconnaissance on sector 345567 as well as the location in which the VSD Malice was headed to. If there is a secret research and development location there, It needs be dealt with.

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