Giacinta Johnson
Giacinta Johnson

Species: Human Female
Homeworld: Kalla VII
Age: 20
Height: 5'4
Weight: 110 lbs
Occupation: Current Student at University of Kalla
Focused on Chemistry

Physical Description:

Giacinta, also known to some as Jinx, is of a pale complexion with almond shaped hazel eyes lined in black liner and made up with soft grey eyeshadow, making them appear more slanted than they really are. She has dark black hair with one stripe of violet usually worn in a bun, and secured with some unique looking hair pins. She also wears small black glasses near the end of her nose. She is usually seen with a crafty and calculating look on her face.

She can usually be spotted wearing black slacks with a high waiste, belted with a dark purple leather cinch, black pumps, and a soft gray blouse over which is often a dark gray lab coat. She doesn't tend to wear jewlery as it can interfere with her work.

*A Note on Jinx*
She has been known to visit the Corporate sector where a relative works, and is assumed to be checking in on his wellbeing as he sometimes neglects to take care of himself properly, being so dedicated to his employers.

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