Gigorans are huge bipeds who evolved on the mountainous world of Gigor. They are well-muscled, with long, sinuous limbs ending in huge, paw-like, padded hands and feet. They are covered in pale-colored fur. Due to their appearance, Gigorans are often confused with other, similar species, such as Wookiees. They are capable of learning and speaking Basic, but most speak their native tongue, a strange mixture of creaks, groans, grunts, whistles, and chirps which often sounds unintelligible even to translator droids.
Dexterity 2D/4D
Knowledge 1D/2D
Mechanical 1D/3D
Perception 3D/4D+2
Strength 4D/6D
Technical 1D/2D

Bashing: Adult Gigorans posses great upper-body strength and heavy paws which enable them to swat at objects with tremendous force. Increase the character's Strength attribute by +1D when figuring damage for brawling attacks that involves bashing an object.
Move: 12/14
Pip Cost: 2

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