Glitterstim Spice

Equipment / Medical / Drugs

Model: Kessel Glitterstim Spice
Type: Telepathic booster drug
Cost: 6,000-10,000 per dose
Availability: 4, X
Game Notes:

Glitterstim is sealed into slim black cylinders. To activate the spice, one pulls back the opaque outer wrapper, exposing the inert glassy fibers of the spice to the light. As the spice reacts to the light, scintillating and glowing from within, it ripens. When the transparent fibers glow a pearlescent blue, they are ready to consume. The consumer takes the spice orally, which dissolves in his or her mouth with a crackling and faint show of tiny sparks. Characters imbibing glitterstim are considered Forcesensitive for 10 rounds. During this time, they can read the surface thoughts of a target person. This functions like the Receptive Telepathy Force power, except that the user is restricted to using his or her Perception to make
the difficulty roll. Those who already have the Force power derive no benefit from using gitterstim.

Source: The Jedi Academy Trilogy Sourcebook (page 86), Shadows of the Empire Planets Guide (page 40)

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