Goroth Planetary Police Armor

Equipment / Protective Gear / Military Unit Armor

Model: Goroth Planetary Police Armor
Type: Specialized personal defense armor
Cost: Not available for sale
Availability: 3, X
Game Notes:

  • Basic Suit: +2D physical, +1D+1 energy to Strength to resist damage. -1D to all Dexterity attribute and skill checks. Sealed environment with 10 hours of air supply. Heating/Cooling Unit: Keeps the wearer comfortable in ambient temperatures ranging from -75º to 170º C.
  • Comlink: Helmet contains tongue-toggled comlink for instant communication with other units.
  • Targeting System: Contains a Multi-Frequency targeting and Acquisition System (MTAS) which gives +2D to all Perception checks in darkness, smoke and other visibility obscuring conditions. Also gives +2D to ranged weapon skill used (such as blaster) when the user aims for more than one round (in addition to the normal bonus for “preparing” as described in the Rulebook).
  • Emergency Survival Kit: Incorporated into backpack, including two additional dylinium hydride power packs which last 12 hours (8 hours in extreme temperatures).
  • Dedicated Emergency Locator: 150 kilometer range.

Source: Goroth, Slave of the Empire (pages86-87)

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