Goverment Organizations


  • Imperial Space Ministry: The Empire inherited most of the Old Republic's laws, including starship regulations and the general infraction codes - what's now commonly known as the Imperial Penal References (ImPeRe among some smuggler circles). These rules are updated and tracked by the Imperial Space Ministry, the Imperial Navy's regulatory agency monitoring space travel.
  • ISB: The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB), also simply called Imperial Security, is a law enforcement and internal intelligence organization of the Galactic Empire under Galactic Emperor Palpatine. Based in the massive ISB Central Office on Imperial Center, it was separate from, larger than, and often rival to Imperial Intelligence. Nicknamed "birdwatchers" by Rebel Alliance Special Operations , ISB agents' vigilance focused on both internal and external threats.



  • BoSS: Bureau of Ship and Services is one of the oldest institutions in the galaxy. It has its own customs, traditions, and unique personality. Most of the positions are filled through hereditary means. BoSS is as much a star spanning tribe as it is a civil bureaucracy. As the decades have passed and one government after another has come to power, BoSS is one of the few bureaucracies to remain relatively unchanged. BoSS has assured itself independence for two reasons. First, the sprawling and complicated files of BoSS are kept in nearly indecipherable codes. Only family members have access to the organization codes of the files. The second reason is BoSS's long-standing policy of neutrality. Each power that rules or manages the galaxy simply inherits BoSS. Apparently, the BoSS family has no political aspirations, and the Empire seems to be yet another government that accepts BoSS without threatening it.

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