Government Offices

Location: Elbaz Station, Central Spire, Deck 99
Available: Sparks 156 - Mystery at Elbaz Station
Head of State: Mayor Isaac Kelani
Description: The government offices occupy the opposite position from the command deck on the central spire. This area serves as the backup command deck for the station should the main command deck be rendered useless. The government offices are also served by three lifts, however these do not require biometric identification to activate. The government offices deck also features the same tiered, concentric layout of terminals as the command deck does. At the center is a pit with multiple displays both overhead and along the walls. The center area that is served by a number of droids and a stationary data entry terminal that’s designed for use while standing. Off to one side of the deck are the mayor’s offices; to the other side are a conference room and a storage area. A large display is mounted on one wall, and panoramic views of the station are notable through several large windows.

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