Dear Diary,

Well I guess it was only a matter of time before the higher ups realized why people call me Jynx. I say this because it has recently come to my attention that I am prohibited from leaving our base camp unless mission bound, which really sucks since I haven't been grounded since….well, since I left home. Their reasoning, you might ask? They feel I am too unpredictable and lack restraint to be allowed to leave on my own. I guess you almost blow up a likttle kid in public once and it's considered an act of terrorism. It's not like I really hurt the little bugger….and what kind of parents let thier kids wander around hotel lobbies alone anyways? That's where the real fault lies.

Anyways….base camp was cool and all for the first five minutes of the tour but having to stay here all the time is boring. It's not like I'm going to blow up something….maybe an AT-AT should I happen to see one, but what is the likely hood of that? Speaking of which, being grounded does has it's up in that I have plenty of time to create new explosives.

I still have this hunk of rock eating explosives to tamper with, after all….I wonder if I could make it so it only eats away AT-AT's? I guess I could test the theory out. I mean, maybe if I have enough accidents around here they'll give me some slack…or transfer me somewhere long as it's not Hoth.

Though I suppose if I got moved I would have to get rid of all the explosive surprises in my room. I spent a lot of time installing them….I mean with all the stun grenades I've picked up what the hell am I supposed to do with them? Not like I'll ever use them on the field…that's for pussies.

I tried to make friends with the supply quarter master but I guess the higer ups thought I might get bored and they told him not to give me any explosives. I think after a few more dates he'll crack and let give in, I mean he can't keep putting out like this forever, can he?

Maybe I should just com Squibie for what I need. A little scratch behind the ears and he's like fuzzy putty in my hands.

Hey! What do you know…the com's going off.

Finally some action, so Ta Ta for now.


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