Happy Anniversary

Sitting in his Squib-Crib, smoking a stogie and enjoy some Correlian whiskey… ChiChi (or Maurice, or Squibbums, or whatever name you wish to call him) realized that his one year anniversary with Jynxie was coming up. Considering it was the first one, it had to be something special, not just jewelery. or in her case weaponry. Snapping his finger he jumped up, almost spilling his drink. Setting the now empty glass down, he sprinted to go see LX, he'd have the contacts I need.

"LX! LX! Hey, buddy I need some help with something that's critical." Piped the Squib as he rounded the corner colliding with LX. "Yes Master ChiChi, how can I be of service?" "Well, I need some comm numbers for a spa, planetary limo service, and a demolitions expert with a flair for the artistic. See it's going to be our first wedding anniversary and I've got it all planned out. I just need the numbers, so I can get the ball rolling. Since it's family, cost is absolutely no object." As Chichi starts to outline his plans LX attentively listens… finally he replies with a "My, my Master ChiChi… that is an excellent idea. If you wish I can make all the arrangements. But if I may offer a query, why are you sending a Miss Starsider along with her?" Walking down the hallway with LX, ChiChi starts to explain "Sara is like a sister to Jynxie. Therfore that makes her either my sister, or depending on the culture my next possible wife." Looking up and grinning at LX, "besides… can you imagine what Jynxie would do if I sent my other wives with her? At least this way she'll enjoy herself and have someone she likes to talk to."

"I see Master ChiChi, now I understand why Master Kas'tor refers to you as Maurice… you fully understand this pompitous of love that you speak of. Very well, I shall arrange it all, I estimate the cost of this to be around 12,000 credits." Stopping in his tracks, ChiChi looks up at LX and says… "then what you have in mind isn't good enough… double the opulance and duration, as a matter of fact have the spa closed down during their stay. You know family is very important to me LX, cost is no object."

"Very well Master ChiChi, I will see to the details" states LX, as ChiChi turns around skipping down the hall, humming to himself, and his big furry tail happily swooshing back and forth. Thinking to himself… "I bet they think it's a trap!" he just starts laughing.

Stopping, in mid skip… ChiChi starts to think, perhaps he should visit his other three wives. Afterall they may not have had any say in the marriages just as he didn't. Is he being unfair to them? Perhaps he should look into getting those marriages annuled…. Why does he love this human more than the wives of his own species. Is he putting her in an unfair position? Does she truly love him back, or is it only the fur? ….shaking his head, he continues to walk down the hall in a much more somber mood.

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