Have You Seen Your Villain Lately

Log Entry

So, a recent rebel mission - take out some pirates to help a HUTT? Pardon my cough, but where are all the bad guys?

The Moff in our sector is actually a pretty decent guy. Honestly he is more even minded and fair than many rebels - myself included. Youngston has his head down, and quite frankly I tire of him. So that leaves the rebel alliance playing police and patrolling the sector for pirates.

There's the seekers, the datamites to be looking into.

Seekers - can I count on my friends? Will the rebels want to stand against seekers to protect force users against these hunters - or is that an issue the force hunters only need to sweat? Will they rally to help us - or will we pay this price alone? Stinky wonders too - even though he won't admit to himself.

I am not the only one who feels that these force "problems" are something only the force users have to sweat. Others have confirmed they feel like outsiders looking in - it's our problem it seems is the feeling. Maybe it's time we ask for help - maybe it's time to see where people really stand. It may be time to see how true that is, I wonder - guess I really know which way the winds blows at that time.

Pushed to the cliff
My monsters shoved at me
Asked to balance
On the edge fighting my demons.
Will anyone be here?
Does anyone have my back?

Datamites - now that is my real fear. Need to work this fast…. perhaps I can find something to help us. Tech or otherwise. Youngstons isn't that important any more, sides he is small time petty, and frankly I think I have outgrown my "school yard" bully. He isn't actually talented enough to do anything other than try to be a pain in the ass - and when he does we will be there to stop him within a minute…… One last check on him then onto Data mites.


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