Hello Life I Missed You

Log Entry

Stars aligned, Dave and I are rotating into the same mission for a change. Perhaps the higher beings have broken my logs, or just seen I was a bit grumpy.

It was soo nice to see him. I missed him so much. Our mission had us aboard the Minnow, Kwi Sing ship. At some point, some hack of a tech slapped hull plating all over the thing and took a fine ship of superior craftsmanship and turned it into modern art. The ship is nice - I could definitely make a stand on it - more armaments then some capitals I have been on. But Kwi Sung fancy's himself a ladies man and has turned his ship into a floating…… adult entertainment vessel. Which after disinfectant was nice to share with ADR. Things seem a little brighter now.

I wonder if I am a fool. People make hints to me all the time that he runs around on me. But I don't see it in his eyes. I wonder if they are testing me, teasing me or actually trying to warn me. For the past years I have heard these rumors but refused to break the trust between Dave and I. I continue to stand firm on my refusal to invade his life, you don;t do that to people you care about. But it is becoming hard to ignore the many darting eyes, subtle "lies" of where he is. With me I just don't see it…… Dave is too honest to me. Would I care even? I guess it would hurt some. But only because I would want to be special to someone…. be a person that would be missed if I don't make it home.

ChiChi amazed me. I heard he had a long and loud talk with Arkansas. He basically challenged Arkansas to stand up and make a decision about his love life. ChiChi is good at reading people. He can see I am in love and in pain. The squib wears his heart on his sleeve. It was odd to be championed by the fur ball, but I trust ChiChi. I always knew I could put my life into his hands, but I had no idea he would care so much about me as well. I am so thankful to have a home here, to have people who actually care…. look after me.

I think it is time for sleep. Arkansas has already been assigned another mission. I don't have time to go to Barab…. pity. Guess I will hang out here for a while catch up on some sleep. I think some crew chiefs are hoping I can look at some transports later to change some transponders for stealth mission. Blast…. I gotta get some ideas together for Crash…. that wedding is coming soon.


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