History of Taylor Castel

WARNING : This character was started in 1996, she is older than your car - this will be long.

Taylor was raised on Corellia until she joined the old republics academy and qualified for training as a en engineer. Taylor is the only girl out of the 4 Castel siblings. Taylor has 2 older brothers and 1 younger brother. Taylor's mother died in a ship malfunction when she was but 3 years old, and Taylor has no memory of her.
During the last stages of the republic Taylor was a student in engineering. Sensing the political wind of change Taylor joined a small band of separatists which would soon become the rebellion. This change lead Taylor to split with her family, who after tiresome trouble with pirates in their area and wars welcomed the new Empire with open arms.

After joining the rebellion Taylor was cut off from any supplies, the fledging rebellion did not pay well and Taylor was running broke. Since many of their activities were crimes against the Empire, Taylor added a few more to her resume. Taylor's criminal activities lead to associate with Rockland Hawk ,some of the most infamous criminals in the Rebellion, and rumors she was on the inside of the most spectacular heists. Taylor's friendship with Rockland had them watching each others back on several occasions. Despite the troublesome nature of Rockland, Taylor is fond of Rockland and will protect his retirement location. Taylors criminal life also lead to several brash choices, while freeing rebels out of a detention facility - Taylor brashly defeated a young sith apprentice of Darth Vader [on camera]. After that point Vader placed a personal bounty of Taylor's head, but was unable to collect - so time consuming to ruin a galaxy these days.

Taylor would seek to change her criminal ways after her path of activity lead her to Jabba the hutt. Jabba took interest in Taylor after being talked up to Jabba on her engineering skills. It had been correctly rumored to Jabba that Taylor understood cloaking technology. However, Taylor successfully lied to the mighty Jabba and denied the cloak and any ability to make it work. Jabba released Taylor but considered her his employee after that point. Taylor resisted Jabba's “employment” which frustrated Jabba greatly.

Continuing with her loyalties to the rebellion Taylor developed a romantic relationship with the unlikely Arkansas Dave Rudebaugh. Taylor and ADR took interest in each other while Taylor affected repairs on a missile launcher while in ADR's lap. ADR and Taylor continue to be fond of each many years later. Jabba finding something he could use against Taylor took great interest in their relationship. Jabba hired good friend to the couple Rockland Hawk to insure they would stay together, so that Jabba might be able to Taylor's love for ADR as a weapon against her. ADR, never fell victim to Jabba, being rather handy with a light saber.

ADR remains as a bright spot in Taylor's life. Her relationship with ADR keeps her feeling human, and serves as a reminder of what good things life can hold. From the breif times Taylor gets to see him, she is very happy.

Taylor changed from her life of crime as she became an officer in the rebellion. Taylor's interest in and skill in the force grew as well. Taylor practiced her light saber, building her own and becoming almost as efficient with it as she is with computers.

Taylor's sense of responsibility grew with her new powers. An experience in her earlier years would haunt her, Taylor knew Alderaan was going to be destroyed. With great urgency Taylor recruited and worked with Rebels who believed her story the team put together a rescue ship. The ship posed as a cruise line which would kidnap refugees and transport them to a new home world. Within a short time after the heroic rescue Taylor witnessed the death of Silo Bluestarr. Taylor had always admired Silo and his conviction, his death weighs on Taylor greatly and serves as a reminder to Taylor, who might otherwise be foolish with her talents.

Taylor has refused employment from well known individuals preferring a life dedicated towards her work. However, a falleen by the name of Xakon has earned Taylor's trust. Taylor caries a black com in order to render aid to Xakon. At first, Taylor found the presence of Xakon to be unsettling. As she continued her professional relationship with Xakon she has found him to be worthy of the trust. Taylor has become so fond of Xakon she has found permanent accommodation on Barab 1 - her first planet side home in her life.

Should Taylor survive the rebellion and see a new era of peaceful government, Taylor plans to continue her working relationship with Xakon.

5/09 update
After dating thenotable Arkansas Dave Rudebaugh for several years of her life, Taylor slumped into a depression. Arkansas's lack of commitments and constant distance finally caused Taylor to call quits to her long time love affair with the cowboy. Taylor couldn't take the pain of being in love with a guy who was never around, and rumored to be gallivanting. It was time for Taylor to find a guy who would stick by her.

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