Home Sweet Home

Jynx sighed, stuffing the last of the tissues in the waste bin, amazed at how many she had gone through while crying her heart out the other night. ChiChi was out and about somewheres…likely still trying his hardest to find the secret gardens. She smiled, and shook her head at the thought of it…all he had to do was ask her nicely to take him there…maybe. Frowning, she wasn't so sure she was ready to share that place with him just yet…After all, they were already sharing their 'love nest'. And what if she needed a place away from him and everyone else? The gardens were her only sanctuary, the only place that no evil would ever penetrate.

She glanced about the room, the immaculate furnishings, the fully stocked bar…sometimes being on Barab 1 reminded her painfully of her own home. The design influences were similar. Indeed, there wasn't anything she felt she needed to add to the flat at all, but that was beginning to bother her. As was calling it the 'love nest'. She wondered if Lyta and Fen called their place…if they had one, a love nest. She laughed, unable to picture Fen in such a place. Or out of his armor, and in a smoking jacket and pipe….totally ridiculous!

Slumping down on the couch, she closed her eyes and tried to recall what her own room on Kalandis IV had looked like, but too much time had gone by to really remember. Opening one eye, she spied one of the inflatable Jawas by the bar. Squibie had protested on it being in the flat at all, but Jynx had taken to playing with it a lot lately, using it to spar away some of her frustrations.

It was then that it hit her, and she sat up straight looking around. Xakon, or possibly some one other than her hubby, must have decorated the place before they moved in. Sure, there were qualities about the place that seemed Squibish, but for the most part it appeared just an extension of her host. She herself had not brought anything to the flat, but for some spare clothes. There wasn't even a holo of her and Squibie in the flat.

How could they have been married for over a year, and not really taken the time to adjust? Maybe that was one of the reasons she had been slipping…one of the reasons she and ChiChi had rubbed each other the wrong way. Sure, she didn't want to walk into a stock pile of junk that he surely found to be treasures, just as he was unlikely want to walk into a room full of explosives and such. After all, this was supposed to be a retreat…it was supposed to be their home.

"Home" Jynx spoke that one word into the silent room, and listened to how foreign it sounded.

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