Homesickness Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Jynx watched the stars streak by through the cock pit view port as R2 chirruped softly beside her. A holo of Barab popped up from the droid's projector. Jynx glanced at the phantom image and patted R2 on the head, smiling softly. She'd have to pay more attention to her little R2 unit from now on. "How about a nice warm oil bath when we get home?" she asked. R2 rocked from side to side and hummed, the image of Barab now replaced with one of a smiley face. Jynx laughed and walked out of the cockpit.

Dash greeted her eagerly, nuzzling his head under her hand. It was good to have him as a companion onboard, it was less lonesome now. R2 didn't like Dash in the cockpit where he could jump up on the control panel, so Jynx made sure never to let him in there. He followed her around the ship wherever she had gone, including the refresher, which she was not so pleased about. But she couldn't fault his dumb and innocent looking face.

She hadn't been pleased either when she found him chewing on a a grenade. She gave him one of the stun grenades to play with after that, and needless to say, she didn't feel he would bother with explosives after that.

Walking into the galley, she sat down on the couch and picked up a fusion torch. Dash made himself at home on one of the other couches while she picked up pieces of scrap metal and shrapnel from off of the table and began welding them together in a twisting, spiral manner. She had already made two flowers out of spare metal, wire, and what not…she had enough parts for six altogether. For a while, she worked, enjoying the process of making the flowers, twisting them by the stem in her hands so that the light glinted off the metal surface. Enjoying the petals take the shape of a flower very much like a rose.

Squibie would love these she thought, smiling slightly. These weren't for the squib though. They were for Taylor, a thank you for the time, and a reminder perhaps, of the friendship. She hoped Taylor would like them anyhow, and not find them crude. She frowned at the thought.

Fingers moving nimbly as she worked, her mind began to drift off.

Taylor had shared so much with her. Not merely talk, but really shared. Jynx had carried a prejudice of the force with her for so long now, and Taylor had allowed her to feel what it was like, in the best and worst of times, to be a force user. It was something she would always carry with her, and she hoped it came in handy when she was with people like that. She had felt sorrow for Taylor, this woman she saw as so strong, so wise…and she had felt fear also. Taylor, in some ways had been like a mirror of herself. She wasn't such an outcast as she thought…

Jarred out of her thoughts by a sudden sharp pain, Reon looked down at her now bleeding finger. She had cut it with a sharp piece of metal and now the blood ebbed up through the gash. She stuck it in her mouth and rose up to find a medi-kit. She found one in the refresher cabinet and placed a My Little TaunTaun bandage around the wound. Turning to leave, she almost tripped over Dash.

I hope he and Squibie get along she thought as she stepped around him. Leaving the rest of the metal flowers for later, she entered her bedroom and stared at the life size plushy squib that looked very much like ChiChi. She missed him…she missed home. "Home," she said aloud to the plush squib. Barab is home, not Kalandis she thought, her eyes roving over to the holo of her parents on the bed stand.

She sat on the edge of the bed and pulled the plush into her arms, resting her cheek against the material. It wasn't as soft as ChiChi, but it was like him otherwise. She felt Dash's weight on the bed beside her.

She slowly eased back on the bed and shut her eyes, sighing.

Flash Back
A young noble sits on a balcony ledge, her long black hair cascading down around her shoulders, tiny pearl and diamond star flowers clipped throughout her hair. She wears a long white gown with an emblazoned crest in silver on the breast. Behind her an older woman begins fussing with her hair, removing the clips and placing them gingerly into a small black velvet box.

"Reon, come away from the cold, you'll get sick, my dear" the older woman coos.

"But the night is so beautiful, Nana" the girl speaks. "And I'm not cold" she shifts, her bare feet peeking out from under the hem of her night gown. She twirls a white and red lily between her fingers, bringing it up to her face to take in the scent. Beyond in the garden below more of their kind dot the dark emerald foliage.

"Reon" a harsher voice speaks from deeper back in the room. A middle aged woman stands, folding a robe over her arms. She is tall and regal, her dark hair tiered on top of her head, dressed in a deep red gown of silk, not for sleeping in. "Your father an I buy you such beautiful things and look at how you take care of them!" she chides, placing the robe on the bed. Walking closer she pauses and looks down at her daughter with steely eyes. " Look at you, where are your slippers? Silvie, if she catches a cold it'll be your hide!"

Allowing her nurse to pull her away from the window and into the room, the older woman fetches the slippers for Reon, apologizing to her mistress and madam.

"You can leave us for the moment" Reon's mother speaks.

"Nana hasn't combed my hair" Reon protests.

"Reon, you're a grown girl now, you can manage for yourself. I think it's time we let Silvie attend some other child."Lyta Vo snaps. She fidgets about the room, moving things around on the vanity to her liking. He watches her daughter from the mirror. Twin images, one old,one young, one sharp, one soft. Shaking her head, she speaks. "You're debutant is days away, you can't afford to get sick. You should be excited, Avery has agreed to take your hand for the evening."

Turning sharply around, her mother studies her like sculpture before purchase. "The Linets are well respected and highly favored in the core. I want you to spend some time with Avery, not with those stol of theirs. I want the best, can't you see that? Avery and his connections can take you somewhere."

"But I don't love him, mother" Reon says.

A cold stare from her mother, Reon looks away. "Love doesn't matter, Reon. It doesn't keep a roof over your head, food on the table, nice clothes in your wardrobe." Stepping closer, she grasps her daughter's chin and tilts her head up to look into her face. "Be of some use to this family, Reon. A lot of teenagers apply for positions as aids to senators such as myself, and I would appreciate it if you actually tried to be useful while you are in my presence. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to see to your father for the evening. We all cast a lot in this life, you need to learn yours."

Reon feels a tear trickle down her cheek and she stiffles a sob. She's had enough of crying.

Sitting up she glances at the holo of her parents. She squeezes the squib plushy closer to her.

She missed Squibie. She was confused by the family. Barab was home to her now, she felt it deep down in her heart now. Saying it aloud no longer felt strange to her, it felt right. She could call Barab home, feel safe there. The influences, the culture…things were similar…buildings, cuisine, clothing…

The family…she turned it over in her head, petting Dash. His fur slick and soft in her palm, felt relaxing. It calmed her.
She had thought of home before…Kalandis. What her parents were up to and such, but she could never go back. Now that she had ChiChi there seemed little reason to dwell on such things anyways, but her past haunted her nonetheless.

ChiChi wasn't like her old home. There were no expectations, no guilt trips, no punishments. Taylor had shared with her also, she was like ChiChi in the same regards…and Kas…he was like that too. Still, these growing ties were hard for her to accept, she didn't know what to do with them.

Treat them like Nana she thought. Treat them with love. No matter what trouble I caused then, Nana was always forgiving. Nana was the only real family I had.

Her heart throbbed. She wanted desperately to be home, but at the same time she needed to spend time with Sara when she got back. She had made a promise, one she would keep. Spending time on missions before wasn't so hard, it was a job. It had done what her mother had said it would do: it kept a roof over her head, food on the table, clothes in her closet…she eyed the open closet, the debutant dress in a plastic cover hanging there. That deserves better than to be hung there she thought. Recalling the uniform Taylor had behind glass, she toyed with the idea. She didn't think it being on the ship was good, but maybe at home? Xakon could keep it for me, I'll never wear it again…it's too special.

"Missions" she sighed, rising up slowly and making her way back to the galley. She would finish her work before she went home. Maybe give the gift to LX to give to Taylor.

Missions kept her away for so long…she had confidence in her comrades to keep her hubby safe in her absence, but she missed him. So often it was one assignment to the next with little time in between. Despite Sara being so close to the fleet being a major in the army, she had responsibilities to keep as well. Helping train new recruits, usually in sparring rings and sometimes in explosives, and the paper work that sometimes kept her at the Discovery. But she realized at the same time that being away for so long only made it all the more worth it when she was given the time to spend with…with her family.

She thought of them more often anyhow, than she had. They gave her direction…she didn't do her job anymore out of need…she did it to keep them safe. She only recently discovered that safe meant more than physical…there was emotional too…she had been slack on that. She would change though.

She picked up the last flower she had made, twirled it in her fingers. She thought about the flowers on Kalandis. She thought about the ones Xakon had in his garden, they were the same. She smiled as she continued her work, knowing that soon she would be home.

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