Homeward Bound?

The ship hummed gently as it pulled away from the space hubb. Jynx watched the gas giant from the viewport while Chimera sat in the pilot's chair and Mathias plotted the coordinates for the jump to hyperspace. She waited in silence until only starry space was left before retiring to her room onboard the ship.

She had promised ChiChi and Taylor that she wouldn't go back home without them, and Mathias was holding her to her word on that no matter how much she fussed or cried. Both of them ha given her sound advice, tried to comfort her when her emotions had won the better of her. She was too emotional to make a decision, she should wait, put some thought into what they had discovered.

The beds on Mathias' ship were a lot nicer than the ones on the Dust Bunny, and Jynx sank into the softness of the matress. She was still dressed in the clothes she had worn to the space port, middle class attire from the system: black slimming pants, heeled boots, a shoulderless and backless black top, and a partial kimono without sleeves over that made of green silk. She had blended in perfectly, being a native of the system.

So, her parents were in the middle of a divorce. Her father still the moff, and her mother had retired from the public eye and her position as governess had been replaced temporarily. Anger flared in Reon as she stared up blankly at the ceiling, wishing her mother had been killed. It had been strange that no trial had taken place in Imperial Court, but based on the information Mathias and Chimera had helped to get it sounded like her father was keeping things hushed up. The destruction of part of the estate had been blamed on weak sewer systems with the expansion of the city, and the locals didn't seem surprised that the divorce was taking place. It wasn't like her mother had been a saint, afterall. But most people were content with her father as the moff, he was a good man.

Grief and shame brought the first tears to Reon's eyes. How much was she going to cry? It was bad enough she already had. Her own investigation with the locals had b rought out the soreness and shame. She knew she had dishonered her family already. There seemed to be some sympathy for her father in the case of his power hungry wife and blacksheep child.

Chimera had looked into the wereabouts of her mother and found her in the neighboring system. Still alive.

"That doesn't surprise me" Jynx had said bitterly. "She's at the neighbor's and I'll bet they aren't rubbing just elbows."

She wanted to go home. It was so close, only a few days travel from the space hub. At least she knew there were no sector bounties. She wanted to talk to her father, see him again. Chimera sugested sending a video recording through the holonet, and Mathias said Harold could do so in a way that couldn't be traced. Reon had relented at that. She would wait.

So much for going home, but Mathias was right. She was being irrational. She should think about this, find out if her mother was still planning anything against her or her father first. Besides….she had made a promise and wouldn't go back on her word.

Jynx stared up at the ceilling, letting her thoughts swirl in her head, planning on what to do next.

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