Hunt For The Elusive Repair Parts

Codcon Sparks Mission
Creative Procurement: Kitchen Supply Raid
(Aka: You won’t believe what we were asked to find!)
Mission Briefing

As most of you may know, we have been busy repairing and restoring various ships found in a ship graveyard. While refitting these ships, we have run into difficulty restoring a few departments as we lack the proper supplies. Seeing as we are not in a position to order these parts from a normal supplier, it is again time for some creative procurement.

The perfect opportunity has presented itself in the region of the Meslegolasaran Asteroid Belt. This formerly unclaimed territory has been taken over by the Empire. The Imperial Corps of Engineers have just finished building some small outpost bases on some of the moons in this region. In what can only be termed a “scheduling hiccup”, there will be a brief period of about 12 hours between when the ICE staff with their escorts leave the moons and when the permanent workforce along with their Imperial military protection force arrive. This is all due to happen in the next few hours.

We are currently in a position so that your hyperspace jump should only take 4 hours (with x1 drives). You will need to decide whose ships you are taking very quickly and who is part of each team. The coordinates will be input into your navigation computers. All crews need to be ready to launch within the hour. This will place you in system about 2 hours after the ICE teams have left, leaving you approximately 10 hours to complete your mission.

There will be a minimum of Imperial troops left at the bases. Intelligence reports there may be a few patrol ships, some Stormtroopers and one communications officer on each base. Your orders are to avoid casualties; stun, don’t kill. The Rebellion needs to change the way we are viewed by the general public and portrayed by the Holonet media.

Further instructions will be given to you to read during transit.
Good luck and May the Force be with You.

Hunt For The Elusive Repair Parts - Reports

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