Hyperspace Alone

Taylor came back to her room. She let the dim light in the room guide her to her bed. Here eyes hurts from staring at screen for the last few hours. Systems check had gone longer than expected, there had been some processing error Taylor had to track down. She pulled the clasp on her tech belt and placed it next to her bed and let her coveralls resting on her hips fall to the floor. She kept her tools next to her like a mercenary would keep their gun, always ready.

Taylor let her weight fall into her bed with a flop. Her hair that had been growing longer spread over the pillow and she pulled the covers up. "Perhaps tonight would bring peace," she hoped. She closed her eyes she was so tired. But the darkness brought no comfort, her mind no longer working the problem was open, unoccupied she could hear whispers. It felt like the dark side, dark siders were closer now, she would be vulnerable if not thinking not awake. She could hear whisper just in her ear as if someone was reaching across space to touch her. She could barely make out the words of doubtful thoughts.

"We are coming and you are not ready, we …..will …..win."

Taylor snapped up and pulled her knees. Laying down seemed so useless, her body needed to move to do something. Her skin crawled with energy to move, her nerves begged to make a move, and her muscles could not tolerate rest. There was something coming and she wasn't ready, she had nothing, nothing to act on , nothing to do, no direction to look to. She searched her room, her scared she wasn't alone, any movements to big might bring on the attack.

"1…..2……3……Go," she reached for her lights to scare away the darkness of the room. The light blared on and she was alone only the hum of the engines in the ship. There was no use to it, sleep was not allowed anymore, there was something wrong and resting was not the answer to the problem. She pulled the coveralls back on, her own warmth still filled them. She pulled the tool belt back onto her hips and walked to the galley. Another cup of coffee and check the next system in line. Only work could keep the demons at bay, and maybe keep her ready for whatever was coming.

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