I Have Followed After

I have followed after my sister.

When our family was destroyed, she changed. She was still Snarf, still my little fuzzy adopted big sister who liked to haggle and occasionally try to make mischief, but something about her had gone hard. She went into training, and I went off on my own for a bit.

When I came back for her, she was … not exactly more serious. No, that wouldn't have been my sister anymore at all. But she was more… determined. To make a fuss, to make trouble for the Imperial forces that had orphaned us. I didn't know how to do anything but fly us around, so that's what I did.

And over time, I'd started wondering if I could add to the cause. Wherever we went, I helped in my way. I tried to save Snarf from doing things I thought she might regret and I know I annoyed her beyond imagining, and everytime, I reconsidered officially joining her side; if all I could do was antagonize my team members with my pacifistic whining, I preferred to stay unaffiliated.

But that has changed. I've seen a more complicated struggle inside these people. It's never been a question to me, why they all fight so hard. But they aren't all like Snarf, and even the ones who are have their reasons. It's all more complicated than I could grasp, and still is. Maybe I need that. Maybe they need me. Maybe it's all just a balance that needs to be kept. But the point is, I understand now that Sis is kind of an outlier in how ferociously she goes after a perceived enemy. So while I might annoy people, I'm going to follow in my sister's footsteps at least this far.

I have enlisted. All I can do is everything I can do.

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