I Still Cannot Believe It

Log entry #1

I cannot believe this!!!

Here I just received delivery of my beautiful new yacht. It arrives just in time for our recent vacation to the luxury resort on the planet Delta just in time for the Pazaak Tournament. Ok so the rebellion intends this to be a “mission”; however, it was still an excellent time for mixing business and pleasure. Accompanying me on this trip was Sara, Harold, ADR, Jericho, and a new recruit going by the name Gabriel. With the exception of Gabriel all of my team members where known quantities and people whose company I enjoy. Gabriel claimed to be able to fly a ship and we needed a good cover so I agreed to let her pilot the maiden voyage of my yacht and we would use it for our cover on this mission.

Here is the problem. We barely arrive in system when our trusty pilot decides to buzz a bulk freighter flying against the accepted traffic patterns. Gabriel’s skill as a pilot was swiftly disproven when she drifted WAY too close to the freighter and SCRATCHED MY BEAUTIFUL SHIP!!!

I cannot believe this! Now I will have to have the entire ship repainted.

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