Impulse Shopping

Dear Diary,

So not knowing what to do I called Squibie and let him know that I got a hold of some very dangerous material and hadn't given any thought about where I was going to store them at. He was pretty upset about the whole thing, especailly about the stealing from employers bit, at first, but Sara talked to him and he seems a little calmer now. So we flew to Barab and one of our dearest friends is watching over the load for me until arrangements for a safe lab and proper equipment and tools for the job can be had.
I have a bad feeling that this will be needed in the near future with all the things that have been going on recently. I think that I also need to get in some definate medical training when time allows….I'm sure that the medics on base will be pleased to hear that, at the very least.
Anyways, after gifting Squibie and me with a real AT-AT head for a wedding gift, and providing us with a love nest I am pretty sure that Squibie's friend can't be all that bad. I am not sure how he will take my request for a lab, since he did warn us last time to try and keep a low profile, but I have been trying and so has Squibums.

Things can't stay bad forever. If it was ever one thing my mother instilled in me it was that there is alwasy hope for a better future, sometimes we just have to give it a little direction here and there. I wonder how my folks are doing, and if anything bad happens if Squibie will let them know some how.


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