In-Game Foodstuffs

Galactic Foodstuffs
A small sample from the vast amounts of foodstuff available in the Galaxy.

This is a spicy food featured in many cafes on Coruscant, popular during the last years of the Old Republic.

Air Cake 
This is a form of dessert originally created on Corellia. 

Algae Sugar 
This sweetener is created from the dried extracts of certain forms of algae. It is often dissolved in water and fermented, then consumed as an alcoholic beverage. 

This is a form of bread favored by Herglics. 

Almond-kwevvu Crisp-munchies 
A small pastry favored by many Squibs. 

Armudu Spice 
An additive used when rolling cigarras. It compliments the flavor of the carababba tabac. It also makes your presence well-known, as its aroma is unmistakable. 

Blob Candy 
a sweet treat sold on Umgul. 

This thick soup was one of the staples of the ancient Sith armies, under the command of Lord Kaan, during the Battle of Ruusan. It was rumored that Lord Kaan instructed Ghitany to poison the bloodsoup given to Darth Bane, in an effort to eliminate the Dark Lord's opposition to Kaan's command. 

This jellied foodstuff is often smuggled around the Outer Rim, due to its high price. 

Cavaellin Creams 
These spiced candies are the basis for many gourmet desserts, especially during the height of the New Order. 

This is a snack food popular on the planet Kelada. 

This gum-like substance is chewed whenever an individual needed a quick jolt of energy. Its substance contains a mild, adrenaline-like stimulant that helped heighten one's alertness. 

Dianoga Pie 
A disgusting meat pie made from dianoga flesh. 

This spicy dish is favored by the Yagai. 

This was a grilled food which was favored on Tatooine during the early decades of the New Republic. Dustcrepes were often served with nausage as a breakfast meal. 

Exo-protein Wafers 
This is a form of military rations. 

This nutritional food is hated by many young children for its lack of taste. 

Frill Syrup 
This is a very sweet syrup used to cover breads. 

This is a gourmet kind of toast, favored by many Imperial nobles and dignitaries during the height of the New Order. 

This is a form of sweet bread, made even sweeter by basting the crust in honey during baking. 

This is a baked delicacy favored by the Hutts. 

Produced by SoroSuub, the Insta-Meal is a processed food which is used in survival packs. It usually comes in block form, from which pieces can be broken off and consumed. It contains large amount of essential nutrients in a small, easily transported form. 

This meat, favored by the Vorzyd 4's, is often served cold with patot panak. 

Kiwik-clusjo Swirl 
This unusual mixture of fruits is served at Gart's Frozen Fruit Snacks, on Cloud City. 

Likryt Stew 
This is a hearty stew that was popular on the planet Druckenwell. 

This light but flavorful dessert was created on the planet Barnaba, for the enjoyment of the nobles in House Barnaba. 

This is a grilled food which was favored on Tatooine during the early decades of the New Republic. Nausage was often served with dustcrepes as a breakfast meal. 

This is a meat pie made with salted nerf meat. 

This is a bland, albeit healthy, liquid food supplement developed for pregnant women. 

Patot Panak 
This flatbread is produced on Vorzyd 4, and is often served with cold meat. 

Rakririan Burnout Sauce 
This is an especially hot food sauce. It is highly recommended that it be used in trace quantities, to prevent severe burns of the mouth and throat. 

A dark brown, Corellian sweetbread served for birthdays and other special occasions, ryshcate is made with vweliu nuts and Corellian whiskey. 

Seebo Sauce 
This was a favored food sauce of Corpo the Hutt. 

Serrian Salt 
A strong spice. 

This baked, sweet bread is popular on the planet Garos IV. 

Suvoli Cream 
This creamy, white sauce is often served with steamed Velossian caramachi shell-backs. 

This green food is considered one of the galaxy's most delectable dishes. A curdled dish, thakitillo was known for the tangy explosion of flavor experienced when the curds were crushed against the roof of the mouth. 

Tranna Nougat 
This sweet candy is considered a delicacy by the rich and powerful. It is often consumed with doth brandy. 

This vegetable mush is served in a grain and choya shell in many restaurants on Lianna.

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